1964 E-Type 3.8 horn part question

Hello Jim,
It looks like you have a mismatch of parts. One The Series 1 Kit I have, has an ID measurement of the Brass Contact Sleeve of 26.7mm, an OD of 28.5mm and the OD of the plastic insulator corresponds to the ID of the Brass Contact Sleeve.

I’ve taken pictures of a Series 1 Inner Column showing the arrangement of the tooling I made to fit the Brass Contact Sleeve, but I can’t Post those pictures until tonight, as I don’t have a cable for the camera here at work today.



I found one at Ace Hardware. Just had to shorten it a bit. Everything working fine now.

Did you send me your address? Thought you did but cannot find it on forum now.


Actually my parts “car” is a 64…Had a running 63" and sent it to a restorer to repaint. He died of a heart attack. Had to drive to his shop with a flatbed as it was all in pieces. Got back about 75% of car.
You win some you lose some.

The majority of the following tools are for an S3 Steering Column and Horn System, but the design and principle of use is the same.

The following picture is an overall view of an S1 Inner Steering Column with a new Contact Sleeve already installed and a second Contact Sleeve showing that its a free, running fit on the bottom bearing journal.

The following picture clearly shows that there is quite an amount of clearance between the ID of the Contact Sleeve and the Bottom Bearing Journal

The following picture shows the Contact Sleeve correctly installed.

The following picture shows the device I made to push the Contact Sleeve onto the Insulator. The tapered leading edge eases the swage at the end of the Contact Sleeve open so as to more easily push onto the insulator. The fit of the main body of the Contact Sleeve is not a tight fit on the Insulator, only the swage requires a hard push to get the Contact Sleeve in place.

The Push Sleeve is a close running fit on the Bottom Bearing Journal.

The following parts are for a Series 3 installation only. These two shells locate on the Inner Steering Column, at the opposite end of Insulator to the direction of assembly of the Contact Sleeve, to support the Insulator. This is to prevent the possibility of the housing for the spring being sheared off.

The following picture is of two half shells, that together make up 360 degrees. I use these to swage the body of the Contact Sleeve to be a firm, close fit on the Insulator. These shells are for a S3 system, where the Contact Sleeve is a larger diameter than the S1 part.

The sizing shells shown in the above picture aren’t made by splitting a single cylinder; that wouldn’t result in a full 360 degree coverage. One half of each of two cylinders were used to make the tool.

The above collection of tools makes fitting the Contact Sleeve a simple task and a perfect result.



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Bill: My supposedly series 1 inner column looks like this picture. Maybe I have the wrong column and why the brass crown will not fit. Does anyone know if this is an early or late series 1? Was there a difference?

Thanks for the pics and explanation!

Hello Jim,
The Inner Steering Column shown in pictures attached to my previous Post is from a 1966 year car. I’ll take a look at one from a 1962 car tomorrow and get back to you.



On my '63 car, and my spare part (pictured), I can confirm that they are the same profile as the one you posted. Hopefully the location of the insulator and crown on my spare can help you.

Photos from everyone helped. The horn now works!

Got is fixed. Thanks Bill