1965 3.8s radiator

I’m looking for a new radiator and not a purist about the choice .
I bought an ebay aluminum special . guy said he changed his mind and was selling but in fact the angle of the top tube is wrong (big time ).
XKS Unlimited has a reasonable one, has anyone fitted it or has a better
option . Any option over 500 wont work. I want to get this bird back on the road and I think this is the last bit to get her there. Thanks ahead. Everett

I did have a aluminium e-bay job rad on my MK2 . was well made and did the job till I changed the engine , well worth looking on e-bay for a new one , with the right top hose angle .
When I changed the engine I had my old rad re-cored with a uprated core , cost around £270 from what I can remember !

If all that is wrong is the angle of the top pipe, know any good welders who could simply reposition it?

Paul thank you for the reply .

I did assess the correct angle slit out a pie shaped section and left a tiny flag at the end to anchor . Bent the two sides till the

Open sides came together. So sweet until

Our welder said your radiator has a tiny nick in one of the tubes and the material is too thin to weld . It was much more thin than a razor , so that was the death of my eBay hand me down radiator .