1965 4.2L Engine rebuild project

Is that measured from crank journal centerline?

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That’s my understanding.

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Originally I was going to let the deck dimension guide gasket thickness but since I don’t really know how much the head has been cut over its life, I am planning to let compression ratio be the deciding factor for the correct head gasket thickness.

Does this make sense?


Don’t know how you’d do that. You’d have to scrap a few head gaskets before arriving at your desired comp ratio. Better to stall a piston fully assembled on the crank and see if there’s any space left before it tops out of the bore.

If he follows Ray Livingston’s canonical way to determine compression ratio, no need to scrap expensive gaskets.

One thing that will need attention paid, is how far the piston crown gets to or exceeds the deck height.


This guy explains it pretty well. Start at t=1:30


XK combustion chambers are all pretty close to 100 cc in volume. If you cc the combustion chamber volume and it’s significantly less than that you’ll know it’s been milled. If you have the current combustion chamber diameter and depth and the current volume you can calculate how much it was milled.

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My 3.4 C head measured 104 cc on all chambers. I found a 13 year old post which suggests the uncut deck height is 11.48", FWIW…don’t remember seeing that spec in the manual, however.

Would only be approximate, many variables there, valve seat depth, valve head thickness, volume of the piston dome, bore size/oversize, compressed gasket thickness. Can only be calculated if measured accurately with burette & micrometer.

I’m glad you spotted that. I was going to suggest something similar.

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Agreed, that’s what I meant by ‘tops out of the bore’.

Crankshaft Damper Pulley C24366

Can anyone tell me if my original crankshaft damper pulley is usable? At $570-$700 for a new one I want to be sure.


The one on my 3.8 was a little more perished than that and I changed it for new - I wouldn’t fit yours. They can also be reconditioned. These guys are on your side of the Equator.

Thanks. I will give them a call. I see a few other members have used them with no issues.


Hi Rick, yes, I have used DamperDoctor for my three cars. They are the best way to restore your damper.