1965 S-Type Headlining Issue

Hello Friends,

A fellow Jag owner in Australia asked me the following question to which I didn’t have an answer but knew others would.
“My headlining cloth is tensioned and suspended across the roof, but sags slightly. Is it supposed to be bonded to the insulation which is attached to the roof panel?”


Yes it’s glued to a fiber panel. The panel itself is held up by he side trims. You need to remove the door surround rubbers to get to the screws which hold the wood trims. The side trims can then be removed. If you want to remove the complete fiber roof panel, I think you might have to take out the windscreen. I’m not sure it’s flexible enough to get it out through the doors.

Thank you very much for the reply. My friend with the S-Type said that appreciates the information very much.

Just a note to point out that this is actually going to be an enormous task.The window glass DOES have to be removed to get the headliner properly seated. You’ll have to find a specialist installing “old school” style windshields and rear glass and he may not give a guarantee against breakage as yours are old. These are extremely expensive pieces of glass. i.e. my rear tinted with defroster back glass was well above $1,500 with labor. Thank goodness for State Farm Insurance with a zero deductible on all glass!

Can other chime in as to how one might tighten up the headliner taking an easier course than described above. I’ve also been through replacing the door rubbers by first removing the wood. Ugh!


Depends on what type of headlining is fitted. Here in UK, Stypes were generally fitted with," West of England cloth", some later ones and the 420s had a bri_nylon type which was foam backed. There is nothing you can do with these later ones as the foam rots and the bri_nylon simply drops off. It was a common problem and tended to happen after about 10 years, not just to Jaguars.
If it’s the West of England cloth type, you could take off the side trims, peel it off and re glue it from inside the car with spray adhesive. You would really have to remove the seats to get proper access.
The piece around the rear screen area is glued to a Hardura moulding which tends to warp. This is held in by clips and should just prise out.
Only the front screen needs to come out, (I think), and normally it isn’t too much of a problem putting it back in providing you can reuse the original screen rubber. From my experience the remanufactured seals are usually all wrong and made from too hard a material. Also getting the chrome trim out without bending it and refitting it, and getting it to stay in place is one of those jobs which is in the nightmare catogary!
Pity your not in UK. I have a spare screen in my loft plus the chrome trim. These parts are the same as the MK2, so not that rare, but the rear screen isn’t.