1965 S1 FHC E-Type for sale FLORIDA

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Ughhh you’re killing me. The rarest of all E-types… good enough to enjoy and not six figures. They are all either complete sh!t or too perfect. This hurts. I want it. I bought a car I thought I couldn’t afford in 2018 and now I know it was the right thing to do. Your car is going to haunt me when it goes home with someone else.

What did you buy john??
Yeah isn’t it true :smile_cat:

I thought you’d never part with Cashew…:frowning:

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There is always Cashew II :smile_cat:

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I have since put my S1 on eBay should anyone be in the market. If I sell another cat before this one then I will likely remove for ad. Space is Grace :smile_cat:

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Cashew is leavin’ the building!