1966 mkx, mk10 door lock

Do the interior door handles have a clip or a pin ?
Need to remove to access door lock linkage, does not open from outside.

the internal door and window winders are held in place by a special wire spring clip

the correct and easy way to remove them, is force a “spring hook” down between the escutchion (circular chromed inner dress piece) and winder handle

rotate the hook thru 90 degrees to pick up the spring clip, draw it upwards

this release pressure on each side of the groove in handle

I know of no other way to successfully remove them

a curved pick will work if you do not have a spring hook, which comes in mighty handy at install time…in that instance, make a small groove in a thin flat blade screwdriver, and use that

DO NOT lose the little sobs, that will make you angry

The armrest screws are a separate pita…they go in at an angle, its critical to know this at install time

Thanks, does it matter which direction you rotate hook, clockwise/counter clockwise?

From the service manual -

Thanks, The information shown is for window regulator, is that the same for interior ‘door’ handle which is what I need to remove.


the FSM is available for these cars and is almost essential

via Ebay is cheap

I ended up using the forked tool that is sold at auto parts stores and took about 5 seconds to remove. Thanks for the replys.