1966 S1 seat slides or parts needed

Bought a set of seats for my OTS. The arm that protrudes under the front of the seat so that the seat can be slid forward or back has been cut off on both the right and left seats.
If you have a good arm or even a slide, I would be interested in purchasing.

Thanks, Stu

Location: CT

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Do you know a decent welder? It shouldn’t be hard at all to fabricate original looking extensions and zap them on. I think there’s a stamping on the end of it but it won’t be missed. It’s challenging and expensive to find serviceable originals. They often have rust damage.

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That is my fallback position. The e bay used slides are 3 - 4 hundred dollars which seems pricy for something that gets used very infrequently and is never seen. If I strike out, I will improvise, Thanks much

If they’re for a 4.2, ser1, the end gets a black plastic nub.

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Yes, the end, IIRC is slightly rounded, not cut off square and a soft plstic nub goes on the end. If that nub is unavailable it might be possible to duplicate it with Plasti Dip.

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