1967 Jaguar 420 compact sedan

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Description:For sale 1967 420 compact sedan

Asking price (if selling):$7000

Location:zip 94556 , Moraga Ca, SF Bay area

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Selling this as I have too many other projects and need the room. This is a Calif car and it has NO RUST. Excellent body/glass/chrome. The engine is a shot stud 4.2 with 9.0 CR. Does not smoke or leak. A/T was rebuilt. It does need some work ( hey it`s a jag )
Car has A/C PS AT
If you need an engine for an Etype
A doner car for an LS swap
A driver
Car is registered and insured
Listed on Craigslist SF under auto parts with pixs

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Grrrr… these things keep popping up and tempting me!!!

Wow I agree. Are all the studs shot or just some of them? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had to read that a couple of times… :slight_smile:

Sweet! That needs rescued.

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Very nice vehicle, and the price is good,

compare it to an E-type, 1/10th the price, but no less driving experience

maybe less chicks draped on the bonnet

I think these have the BW8 auto, which would be fine in a small Saloon

I still think that the 420 was the best small sedan Jag ever made.

Theres a non-runner for sale near me for a decent price, and I’ve mentioned it to the wife a couple of times. Needless to say I keep getting shutdown lol

Well they are a baby Mark 10/420G aren’t they?

Not in my view: they are utterly different, in their ride and feel.

IMHO, the 420G/MkX are overgrown, bloated versions of the 420.

The widest car built in England, did not fit well on the narrow roads there. My '67 420 is still available, runs with extra’s $3,500.00,


Where are you located James?

Hey, I am located in North West Indiana, 12 miles west of South Bend/ Notre Dame. This is a very SOLID car to restore, I would replace the rockers @ a cost of $250.00 each from sng Barratt. Floors, boot floor all solid, door bottoms excellent, CHROME Is Beautiful, I have many other parts available from another 420 that I parted last year. Wire wheel suspensions, extra engine/trans, air cond. unit, on and on. I can fix you or someone else up with a heck of a deal for ALL !!! Thank You, Jim.


Thanks. I have a friend who is also interested in finding a 420 - will let him know.

Hey James. Love the sound of this & with all the extras. I assume it’s an automatic?
Already have a burgundy 420, but need another one. :smile:
Not afraid of the rust repair as that’s all I’ve ever done. Specialized in it here in Maine.

Vince, if you look back a little I listed this and it shows the interior, go back to the beginning of Aug. you’ll see the listing. ALSO I need to state that not all of the parts from the other 420 are included in the price. ALL of that is a different event. I do have some N.O.S. to include as well as a Nice pair of seats. If really interested I can take pictures of what’s involved. To Date I replaced the M/C Cyl. Front wheel brgs. rebuilt the front calipers using ALL NEW pistons. Got it running, installed a elect. ign. system. I drove it a few times then the servo went out, I do have a new Kit and is an item included. Yes this is an automatic, there were only 976 of these ever imported into the states, only 1 was a manual and only 78 manual’s w/od. This car is the 294th 1 built from the start, the other is 158th built. If you want send me a PM and we’ll talk more, Jim.


I had one of them: I still kick myself for getting rid of it.


I’m confused as to why there are multiple people offering cars for sale on the same thread. If you have a car for sale you should create your own listing. If you already have created one then you can bump your own posting rather than hijacking someone else’s.

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Cancelled. No real interest so I decided to take my own advice and put the 4.2 and BW8 into my 63 Mk2 along with the 420 front subframe brakes and Adwest PS.
The body will be offered for a Chevy 5.3 LS. I will let you know. Pete
PS someone missed a very good deal

You had almost 90 clicks on the Craigslist link that someone posted for you. I’d say that’s a decent amount of interest. A little more effort on your part (more photos, clarification on what work it needs) and you’d probably have more interest. If my wife weren’t in school I would be interested.