1967 s1 Hazard Warning Wiring Diagram

It is not that simple, so tomorrow I am going to once again install turn signals with hazard warning kit.
I am mystified by the terminal nomenclature on turn signal flashers-some have P, B. and L. I assume P is “pilot” but what does B and L mean? I also see X on some. Also, are mechanical flashers universally interchangeable?

Thanks Mike Moore

P is for “pilot” lamp, L is for Load (ie the lamps), and B or X is for Battery (ie power). Mechanical flashers come with several physical configurations (2 or 3 terminals - some don’t have a P terminal as the warning light is connected as another load), and sometimes different pin types and spacings. The units used for the hazard flasher and the turn signal flasher are different, presumably because the load is twice as much on the hazard unit (4 bulbs vs 2) though you can switch them around for test purposes.

David, thanks so much! I just returned from working this morning and made a more extensive check of the hazard flasher.
(1.) I had numerous wiring errors. grn is NOT green, gr is not the same as gb ( I had those mixed up) and lgn is NOT ignition !
(2.) I am constantly mixing up flashers.
(3.) Do you know geographically where the system connects to the main GW and GR harness to the front and rear turn signals? It must be close to the cars turn signal. Thanks for your help!

Mike Moore

Unfortunately I can’t help with that question. I don’t have an E-Type with the added Hazard Warning system - only a Series 2 where it is built in.

Thanks anyway David, perhaps someone else can answer. The fact that "L "stands for load ought to help a lot . I’ll go study some more. Thanks, Mike

David, I finally emailed the diagram you posted to a local Staples and they made me an 18 x 24 enlargement, revealing notes and detail I was missing, such as those little bitty circles with tiny numbers in them along with the explanation of what they are. I thought the GW and GL wires ended at the circles and was mystified. Now I can read that they are the thru bonnet connector halves and the numbers are for pin 7 and pin 8. Most helpful!

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Do you know how the pilot bulb can be removed ? Mine is probably burned out and it might be useful to have,

Mike Moore

Just in case you have not yet resolved the connection between the column wires and the harness, the GR and GW wires from the turn signal switch connect to the harness where the steering column fits into the column mount under the dash. There are two 4-way connectors each with three wires. For each connector, one wire comes from the column, one from the hazard switch and one goes to either left or right to feed the front and rear lamps. The colors in each connector match, either GW or GR

Oh, and the bulb is a straight forward screw in type. Push in slightly and twist.

Hope this helps

John North
1967 S1 Roadster

That will be most helpful. The owner (Karen Leavitt) and I spent Thursday morning ringing out wires and yellowing them on the diagram. Before we started, I used an analogy that we had to drive from Morgan Hill to Gilroy and didn’t know how , and several of the roadsigns were faded and were mismarked. So we would use a point as Terminal 7 N wire(Morgan Hill) and with my ringer confirm that it did reach Gilroy by making contact with the N feed into the haz light-like calling your friend in Gilroy to confirm that Monterey Rd indeed goes to Gilroy -then mark that route in yellowfins on our diagram. That was a big help. The large size copy will help immensely as it identified where GW and GR come into the show, this note helps also, Thanks, MikeMoore

Michael while you are under there…can you tell me if that rubber grommet can be removed and installed without undoing the connections?
I need to hook this up but don’t have that panel installed. If I make the connections can I just slide that grommet in at a later date without disconnecting/reconnecting the wires again?

This was what my notes show for my 66. However I just plugged it in and it doesn’t work so YMMV.

Does anyone know if you have to have the directional harness from the column plugged in to make this work?
I’ll take it off the car tomorrow and try to get it to run on the bench.

ugh sorry for poor photo quality. Brand new phone too

I’ll have check tomorrow Bill, although I doubt it.
Mike Moore

HI John, today we connected each wire per the corrected wiring diagram. I still have some wires which remain unconnected though. One is a dangling G/R male lucas wire directly in that area.I am going back in the morning to investigate. I turned on the key, and the right side turn signal works front and rear. Left side works the rh side only.Hazard works right only no pilot light and no hazard light. Tomorrow I will reconnect as you suggest. The 4 ways being used have single tubes in other words, each connection is a single connection, I DO HAVE some 4 part connectors which join all 8 wires together in a central hub. I assume that is NOT what you are suggesting. Also,can you please look at some of the earlier \ posted on this thread: some of those wires are not as you suggest w/r colors in the 4wire connectors. Why would that be do you suppose? v/r Mike Moore

Mike i should have been clearer, by 4 way connectors i meant ones that put up to four wires together. I guess they are more frequently referred to as double connectors. Two wires on each end all sharing the connection. In this case of course there are only three wires.


Thank you John, I spent a frustrating morning trying to get this connected properly. Here are my immediate problems:
(1.) Although I had two black rubber cubes with multiple wires going into each end, the metal sleeves inside went through and would only connect single wires to each end, In other words, it simply gathered the wired ends together with no interconnection between the wires, It was the same as using multiple singles. I do have one 4 pin connector not native to this car which connects all 4 wires on each end to all the other 4.

(2.) Fortunately , another Jag-Lover mailed me his notes regarding where each of the wires coming of the Hazard Flasher connected on his.Unfortunately several lines would be most helpful if I could read them but they are too badly blurred.I plan to ask him for clarification as to what each line says.

(3.) We removed all the wires we had connected which might have been for the black cubes. I realized we knew from that explanation what color wires went into the cubes but not a sufficient description of all of them. Karen and I used the schematic and the info we had and tried to connect everything up as we thought it should be but them I ran into:

(4) tracing the wires OUT of the turn signal indicator, I have a strange wire-it is light green with a black stripe (LGB) and it has no destination discernible.It is not LGB or LGN .We have the LGU connected as well as the LGY, I do not know what this wire is. I will study it some more. I wish I had more photos of the under dash wiring.

(5) Also, this turn signal indicator switch has a headlight flasher feature and has a cloth braided BW and RW wire without an obvious destination,

(6) Even with the wires necessary to connect everything, I still have several wires over by the vehicle flasher which are homeless,including some GR. Any help appreciated.

(7) I am seriously looking at leaving the hazard lights off and see if that simplifies matters enough. I have yet seen a hazard pilot or hazard red warning jewel light glow.

Hey Bill,
I would greatly appreciate if you could type for me what each line says. I got some but not all. Thanks, this COULD be very very helpful! v/r Mike

Mike, I blew this photo up on my screen and it was easy to read all of his notes. Did you try that?

John, perhaps my eyes are not so good. On the bottom wire (brown) can you clarify that for me please? I do not understand “beige reptile”.

It’s , I guess , cloth covered wire as opposed to plastic covered wire. Just something I used to say back in the days of disassembly cause they looked like snake skin.

Were you able to read the note about the black loop on one of the green wires to differentiate it?

All colors referenced in my notes from back in the day represent what the color had faded to and my opinion of what it looked like. LOL

Thanks also John. I changed computers and read directly from the scree vs printing out. Thanks! Do you have any stills of your restoration process showind]g routingetc of these words?

Thanks, Mike