1967 S1 Interior Grab Handle Installation

We are finishing up the details of a 1967 S1 once belonging to the late Andy Leavitt. I was helping Andy assemble the car when he passed away from Parkinsons 7 years ago. Karen, his widow and I have been completing the car the last few years. I find myself spending inordinate amounts of time on what ought to be simple jobs. Yesterday it was the grab handle on the passenger side.I I can get some advice, I would be grateful. There is a grab handle held to the car body with screws,Does anyone know what those screws were supposed to be?

There are also screw which hold a piece of chrome onto the a post base area. The there is a black vinyl covered triangular piece which rests on top of the vinyl covered piece. Do those crews go through everything and attach to the body? Or do they just attach to the triangular pieces?

Thanks, Mike Moore

I find the handle attachment to the A post base is (2) DAC908/12C screws. The attachment screws for the black triangular plate are (2)DAZ 004/10C . The cup washer is BD532/1. Can anyone identify what these are?

I believe that it should be DAC508/12C (not …908…). They are self-tapping sheet metal screws with pointed tip, coarse thread, chromed, flat-head slotted, #8 size, 3/4" long. [the …908… part is identical except for a Phillips head instead of slotted]

I believe that it should be DAZ604/10C (not …004…) They are self-tapping sheet metal screws with pointed tip, coarse thread, zinc plated, oval head slotted, #4 size, 5/8" long [the …004… part is identical except for Phillips head instead of slotted]

The S1 4.2 Parts Lists show the slotted head screws rather than Phillips head, but they may have changed during the lifetime of the S1 4.2s, so I wouldn’t stick my neck out and say which is really “correct”.

These sheet metal screws go into the body work and if you still have the option to inspect this area before it’s covered, you’ll see the holes that we made for them. I used a small pointed tool like and ice pick to hunt for the holes and then aligned the screw tip toward the original holes and drove them in. I can be a challenge if the new screws are the least bit larger in diameter than the originals, but perseverance will win.

Jim, thanks so much for the detailed info. Here is my problem 30-40 years ago this car was bought as a project car from a wrecking yard. It was completely disassembled by the young couple who then began raising a family, The car was shipped at govt expense across the country a couple of times. Parts were lost and new wrecking yard parts added. Andy began reassembling it about the time I began restoring my 63 (this is a 67) over 20 years ago. I ended up helping him until he passed away a few years later. I tell you this so you can understand that few of the holes in the A post cover, the black vinyl covered piece, or the chrome piece line up. So I have self tapping screws as well as taps and tap drills, Thanks to the guide I received, I now know the sizes and length of screw I need. I understand the black vinyl piece only has the two #4 flat head screws in it. Do they screw into the chrome piece AND into the A post cover? Or do they stop at the chrome piece and NOT go into the A post cover. It looks to me like there is one larger screw which hold the chrome piece to the A post cover. Can you pls advise how far each of the screws go? Thanks, Mike Moore

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The small screws I used were long enough to penetrate both the chrome and the bodywork behind. I believe this is the way it was from the factory because my bodywork had the holes in it from all of the screws.

So here is the problem I’ve run into: I think because all the parts ar from different cars etc. My black vinyl holes are clearance holes for the #4 self tappers The Chrome piece though is tapped so when it gets to the A post cover, it tends to jack the two threaded pieces apart. To make this work properly, I think I need to use clearance holes in the black vinyl AND the chrome piece and tap (via self tapping screws) the A post cover and/or the A post. What do you think? I may just use the larger clearance hole I have in the chrome piece, locate it correctly and tap a single home either into the a post cover OR make that also a clearance hole and tap the A post, then screw the triangle to the chrome piece and /or the A post cover.

Best, Mike

I now recall that I hammered my chrome piece flat to avoid that rocking issue. I would just drill clearance holes in the chrome too and then find where the screws need to pass into the body work and drill a pilot hole. The bodywork at this position is a multiple layer so I don’t think a self tapper will get through it very well without a little help.

The specified screws are #4 x 5/8 self tappers going though everything, It is not obvious to me if those screws will actually go into the body or stop at the A post cover piece. I’ll know next week!

Thanks for the help!
Mike Moore

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