1967, series 1, rebuild progress

Looking very good Rick!

The front frame came from e-type fabs (Back when Uryk was selling directly). It’s absolutely perfect. Incredible craftsmanship. The wiring harness came from Rhode Island Wiring. They are more expensive than some but it’s exactly like the original. Same loom, correct connectors and great instructions. I’m not beholden to either of these vendors. I’m just sharing my personal experience. :nerd_face:

Looking good, Rick !!

Brings back memories from 2002.

Jos Raven

Yes, looking good! My wiring harness also came from Rhode Island Wiring for the same reasons. Ruby has one Uryk frame and the other side is original. Both repainted by CJ.


Jos until recently I was coming to Amsterdam a couple of times per month for at least six years. Would have loved to see your beautiful car.

Ah, yes Amsterdam.
The City I was born in 1944.

Happy Holidays, Rick.


Rick - I have a 1967 ots that is due for a similar restoration. I contacted E-Type Fabs a few years ago about replacement frames but did not order them at that time. Are they only supplying to parts suppliers now as opposed to supplying direct?


Geoff I’m not completely sure, but I believe that I read some time back on the Forum that Uryck was no longer selling directly but through a middleman. Unfortunately I think the price for a new frame nearly doubled. I’m confident that somebody else here can supply more details.

Thanks Rick. I will send a note to E-Type Fabs and see what is what.

Great progress. I can’t wait to get to there. I am in metal work stage