1968 daimler sovereign water temp sender part number?

I think my car has wrong temp sender, can someone please give me the correct part number.

Hello Stephen - welcome to JL - loads of knowledgeable vehicle owners and very willing to help - BUT - to get some help you will need to write what engine you have in your 1968 Daimler Sovereign - also helps to add your country flag to your profile so that someone close to you may help - Tex Terry, II - 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - sent 6/17/1706hrs. EDT USA.

Welcome Stephen!

You must have a very early Series 1 XJ. I‘ll move your post to #xj (click to see a photo). Please verify.

Some vendors have parts catalogues with explosion drawings and will show the sender, part number, etc.

You have a 2.8 or 4.2; a Series 1.
The Mark 2 had a 2.5 V8 Daimler but you wrote Mk 1 - XJ S1 would be yours. Pretty car, congratulations.


From my Nissonger Corporation Smiths catalogue looking at the Jaguar 420 (which I would think is the same as your Daimler Sovereign) it calls for a Smiths number of TT 4801 (Jaguar number C15472) This is the same number used on the 3.8S and 3.8 Mark II.

This would work better. I was going by the ‚Mark 1‘ in his account description. It seems the Sovereign was introduced in 69… so 420 with a 4.2 it is. Sorry!

Thanks John,
my car is the MK 1, 420… 4.2 litre xk engine, the temp sender is correct part number C15472, fitted in 2016, I think it maybe faulty again.
When cold it is reading 950 ohms, when hot about 550 ohms.
I thought when cold should be about 70 ohms and hot about 20 ohms…anyone know the correct ohms readings ?

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Thanks David,
please see further comments

Hi Terry,
thanks, please see further comments

found the correct temp sender…

Part number DAC2583,

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