1968 e type with 3 carburetors

I’m looking at a 68 e type and it has 3 carburetors I thought the 1.5 had only 2 or is that only in usa

A lot of people swap out the dual Zenith Stromberg carb setup which was delivered in US cars beginning in ‘68, and replace them with the triple SU carb setup used in all cars prior to ‘68. If the ‘68 you are looking at was originally delivered anyplace other than the US, it would have had the triple SU setup.

A lot of threads have been written about the process, and the pros and cons of doing so.

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Correct. Only the US 1968 models were upgraded to the twin Zenith-Strombergs. That said, many 1968 US Series 1.5s have been subsequently downgraded to triple SUs to cash in on the valuable secondary market for the Strombergs… :smiley:


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