1969 Jag Series 2, 4.2l Rebuild Story

(Steve) #764

Thanks for the input

(jim neel) #765

Yes Steve, I 2nd Jerry’s reply and was trying to figure out how to word it. The inner upright of the U channel is perfect 90 degrees to the bottom all the way around the opening. I cant tell very well from your pic, but is that the case on yours at the far low left, hinge side? In the pic ti looks a little flattened there, may just be my view of your pic.
Cheers Jim

(Erica Moss) #766

On my screen the last picture clearly shows a fold over in that upright. I can see the shadow created by it. That combined with the slight waviness of the fold over suggest that someone made a modification for some reason. I can only assume to improve the hatch fit.

(69 FHC ) #767

See if this picture helps.

From: https://ejag.wordpress.com/

(Steve) #768

First day of 2019… Trying to move the project forward. WILL NOT DRIFT thru 2019…

I have received one quote for replacing rusted body panels and tinning (currently including LT inner/outer sill, closing plates, gussets, floor pans, minor weld repairs, I’m expecting RT inner/outer sills to be added to the list). You’ve seen my project… $15,000

I need two more vendor quotes to verify this price before I take action. The first gentleman lives in Austin and seems reputable, but he has given me this quote without looking at the car. He has worked on E-types for 30+ years, so may be working on past assumptions.

If somebody has had their body worked on by a knowledgeable and reputable vendor they were happy with (preferably within 200 miles of DFW) please contact me directly thru message or email me at steve.armstrong@cebridge.net


(Erica Moss) #769

I’m guessing this is Lawrence. He’s a great guy and super talented. You saw my car. He spent quite a while aligning and adjusting my bonnet prior to it being painted. He also did a bang up job on Drew’s car. Does that quote include both sills? I’d bet you could find someone to do it a bit cheaper but you likely won’t find someone to do it cheaper with the same quality, or trust that it will be delivered on time. It might be worth it to throw it on a trailer and bring it down for an in person quote.

Eric is up your way though, maybe he knows someone.

(Puddinhead) #770

Steve, If that quote is a contract, I’d accept it. I had Pa shop quote of $17500 (no contract) just for rear wheel arch implants, both sides; and shop tried talking me into new rear belly, panels, and new sills instead (as well as full body dip.

I ended up just letting them renew both footwells, driver side closing panel (X-Panel), and new driver side lower inner sill 4 bolt piece for $4800.

'66 FHC

(Paul Wigton) #771

More power to ya, mate!

Who knows, I may yet get hornswoggled by the good Mizz Moss, this spring break, to assist on her clutch redo… maybe we all can make it a work party?

(Steve) #772

Breaking down the bonnet now and surprise #1 this is just a reflector? What’s the big hole for?

(Mark ) #773

A 1969 vehicle had reflectors only , in 1970 they added lights. Maybe your bonnet was changed or your car was built late in 69…


(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #774

My 69 is the same, just a reflector but a large hole suggesting wiring.

Perhaps some markets required the side lamps. There were certainly some features used, for example, on German deliveries.

BTW, I deleted those holes and reflectors front and rear when I had the car resprayed. The next guy can easily add them back since they just bolt on.

(David Norton) #775

MY mid 69 has lights, so I don’t know when the changeover was.

(David Langley) #776

The JCNA Series 2 Judging Guide lists the changeover point from reflector to lighted lamps. For the LHD OTS 1R11052, FHC 1R27051, 2+2 1R42850 (RHD numbers also there, but I’m too lazy to copy…). The guide also states that early Series 2 cars did’t have a hole in the bonnet for wires, so either these lampless cars but with a hole for wires are transitional cars (not reflected in the Judging Guide), or later bonnet replacements.

(Bob Faster) #777

Aug 7, 1969 build, same holes, no lights, just reflectors. I swear I bang my knee on the front reflectors every time I walk around the car. I would do the same as Geo and fill the holes if I repainted the car.

Bob F

(Steve) #778

Based on the feed back so far, the transition to lamped must not have coincided with the stock of “transitioning” front wings. Thus they were using fenders ready for lamped assemblies until the “reflector” inventory was depleted. Pretty common in manufacturing

Also, remember my car is a Jan 1969 production

(69 FHC ) #779

My January 27, 1969 production 2+2 had non-bulbed side markers without the larger hole in the sheet metal.

(Steve) #780

One of these three is expensive. One of them is cheap and satisfying! The other one who gives a damn about

(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #781

Actually, I think it say the LHD OTS changeover was 1R11052.

(David Langley) #782

Thanks for the correction of the typo. I’ll fix my original post. Lots of changes took place at this car number.

(David Norton) #783

Still muddy, I have 1R9743, and it has lights. Perhaps someone changed it over. I will admit I just cleaned up the wiring on the marker lights, it was a mess.