1969 jaguar xke disassembling front seats

I am going to be recovering my front seats in my 1969 XKE 2+2. Ordered the covers from “Skinner” in London. I’ve got the seats out and put them in my basement. Removed the headrests, removed the springs and the bolts holding the seat cushion to the back section.
Now I’m stuck. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the other metal parts off of the seat back. I don’t see any screws or bolts going through the side brackets. I can’t figure out what’s holding this on.
Is there a trick to this? Has someone done this before and taken some photos. Boy would they help me right now. .Would appreciate your advice.
Thanks, Ray

There are two large Phillips head screws that you can get to if the tilt mechanism is in the correct position. This should remove the seat back from the bottom. Then start prying out staples.

Please continue to share your experience as you recover your seats. I am very interested in the process as I expect to do this same project in the not too distant future. Post lots of pictures please!

Here is the seat base with the mechanism attached…2 large screws have been removed to remove the back

And here it is with the back still in place.

Take lots of photos before disassembly so you know how that spring sits in place.

BTW - they are PosiDriv screws, not Phillips.

My car is a 70 2+2 so our seats are about the same if not the same. I will post a link to the old site for your viewing and I hope they help you.

Regards, Joel.

So I guess there is no recovering these then but for a shroud?


Nice salvagable hing covers…hard to get now

I can’t seem to get at those 2 large Philips screws that appear in your photo.

I’ve attached a couple I took of my mechanism and there is a plate of some sort covering them. I can’t see a way to get this off.

Ray Zsiros



I can’t seem to get at those 2 large Philips screws that appear in your photo.

I’ve attached a couple I took of my mechanism and there is a plate of some sort covering them. I can’t see a way to get this off.

That becaus you seat back is in the forward position…you will need to hold on to the bracket that fitted to the bottom of the seat…possibly hold it in a vice…operate the recline lever and pull the seat back rearwards

You may not be ready for headrest install, but I found that working on a clean/protected floor and kneeling on them to ‘flatten’ the foam helped get the leather in a position to be stapled.

Hi Valerie,

That sounds like a great tip. Those are the little things that make these projects so much easier. I just got to get these seats torn apart first.

Thanks again.


Ray Zsiros


If you send me a private message with your email I will send you a bunch of photos supplied to me by another jag lovers person about seats.

Gee I feel like such an idiot. I re-attached the seat bottoms to the backs and did as you suggested. Moved the seat back from the forward position to all the way back and there they were fully exposed. How bloody simple. When I had the seat off that mechanism was impossible to move in either direction.

I guess I should have checked some of these things out first instead of just taking apart what was the easiest.

Thanks again. Ray


Ray Zsiros

If you have a bunch of photos that would make my recovering these seats easier I’d sure appreciate it. My email address is net.man@sympatico.ca

May I go back to basics and ask how to get the seats out of the car. My slide mechanism is stuck and I can’t slide seat back so need to clean or replace the slide mechanism.

Apologies if I could have found the answer in the Jag manual.

To get the seats out you don`t slide the seat back, you slide the seat forward. Each slider has one large Philip screw at the back end. Once that is removed you just pull the whole seat back and the track slides off the front pin and lifts up and out.

Ray Zsiros
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Since a number of participants in this thread we’re talking about wanting to recover their seats, I thought you might find this thread I just posted helpful.

And if it doesn’t want to move forward a long board (say a 1x4) and perhaps a piece of 2x4 as a fulcrum may get it moving.