1969 S2: Breather Pipe

Hi Everyone,
Hoping someone can clarify the following. Per the manual description I show the following as Pipe, Breather Boot to Breather Manifold. I have it off the car and it appears to be clogged up. I’ve blown air through it as well rinsed it with a small amount carburetor cleaner.

Any thoughts on a proper way of cleaning out the pipe? Is there some type of mess filter in-side the pipe?


No filter in the pipe. You’ve got it off of the car. I’d hit the inside of it with a pressure washer followed up with a solvent. You could also run a length of steel wire through the pipe, tie a solvent soaked rag to one end of the wire and pull that through as well. Do you have the breather cover, the round aluminum casting held on by four dome nuts off of the engine? If not, you might want to remove that as sell and verify the wire screen behind it isn’t covered with muck. If it is, you should also remove the screen and clean it. You’ll need two gaskets when you reassemble it.

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I tried all those things and. more, to no avail. Then I ordered a new SS one.

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Beautiful engine bay!!

Thanks Everyone.
I’ll follow the above advise and hope for best results.

Thanks- that’s mine. :rofl:

Ohhh - I don’t know.
Those misaligned temperature tabs would drive me crazy
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They were temporary during break in… :scream:



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I admit it, I used Doug’s pic to illustrate the breather pipe. In my efforts to research the issue before reaching out to the forum I came across the pic. Hopefully no harm was done to anyone involved.

I replaced mine because it was so corroded/junked up inside. I also cut the replacement pipe approximately where the right arrow is in Doug’s/Tim’s photo, and connected the two pieces with a short section of hose and two clamps. This was how my January 1969 Series 2 came from the factory. The benefit is an easier fit and a flex point in the middle of what would otherwise be a long pipe.

Absolutely NO problem. Photos, documents, and other information copied freely all over this site. As long as there isn’t a copyright expressed.