1970 E Type OTS windows

Hi E Type citizens. I need to replace the RH and LH windows due to some unsightly scratches. The new glass is readily available but how hard are they to install in the frames? Many Thanks

I’ll just say - :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. You might try to buff them out as best you can. Mine are original. I should have replaced them years ago when I restored it. But was hurrying along. I regret it now.

I replaced one door glass on my S1 OTS. It wasn’t a pleasant, easy job just fitting and turning screws, but it wasn’t so wretched that I would loathe doing it again.

Measure the thickness of your current door glass, and compare to the thickness you get from the replacement panes. My replacement glass was considerably thinner than the glass I was replacing.

I tried to calculate the thickness of the glass setting tape required but ended up buying several thicknesses and still didn’t get it quite right. The part that scared me the most was pressing the glass into the channel with clamps. I ended up using glass tape that was too thin (the other roll was too thick and I couldn’t press the glass into the channel.)

Being a bit too thin, the glass kept pulling itself out of the channel when rubbing against the glass weather seals when lowered , so I finally took the easy way out and used urethane glass sealant along with the glass setting tape.

I did that because if I ever have to remove it, I can scrape the tape off more easily than if it were solid urethane glue from glass to channel. I’ll still have to scrape the channel clean though which will be a chore (which is why I’d avoid using urethane adhesive if you can, just get the right thickness of tape.)

If you have a auto glass company you’re friendly with, you may have an easier time of it. Maybe they can give or sell you short lengths of the tape of the right thickness and give you short samples to test with. I have tons of leftover tape of the wrong thicknesses.


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thanks Larry I didnt know the glass could be buffed

Thank you Dave I’ll have to rethink this