1971 jaguar XJ6 gauges and speedometer Chevy tpi

Does anybody have info on how to make all gauges on a 1971 xj6 S1 work with a Chevy tpi running gear? Any info will be appreciated.

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At least some of them,

  1. voltmeter. leave as is. Jag volts are the same as GM volts.

  2. Oil Pressure. Use an adapter to Install the Jag sensor into the GM port.

  3. Water temp. use Jag sensor in GM port.

  4. Speedo. How is determied by the transmission output for the cable. mechanical or electronic. Each feasible.

  5. tachometer. Insrument repir or jaguar specialties. Inser a resistor in the tach head to match pulses. Now 8 in lieu of 6.

  6. fuel. As is is fine.

Did I miss any?

I had a choice of an TPi engioe or an LT1. i chose the LT1, workd swell. Doe from 01 to 06. Still in my garage and road ready.
Carl .

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Funniest thing I’ve read in a loooong time!


isn’t that the problem with jags? the lucas volts?? :rofl:

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Keep going please! I need to know everything, the good, the bad, etc.

Where are you in your conversion? is the speedo in yoiur car electronic or cable driven?

is the transmission from the dnor cable or electronic.

Pictures of rh statusl

When well sorted, they are a ball to drive…


I will be looking into it on Wednesday, I’ll post pictures soon! Thanks for everyone’s help.