1971 Jaguar XKE OTS Left Hand Door Mirror

Finishing up a restoration on my 1971 Jaguar XKE OTS and needed to replace my original left hand door mirror. Mine was pitted pretty bad. So I order one from one of the regulars and when I went to install it, the new mirror was not even close to the size and shape of the original. It is a TEX mirror from England. Is there any one that sells an exact mirror for my car?


David Farley

What does your “original” one look like…does it have a part number on it…were just guessing if you dont post a photo number dimensions etc…Steve Tex Car Mirrors original accessories - Tex Automotive


here are some pictures of my late S2 OTS US „1971“-model. There doesn‘t seem to ba a part number on it, only patent numbers. I know it doesn‘t answer your question, just showing the 1971 mirror.

Possibly this…but plenty on the TEX site Wing Mirror - O3 Head/37 Stem Flat - Tex Automotive

Steve that is a good link - the mirrors are not even expensive!

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Steve, there are no part numbers on the mirror. Reading a few post on this forum, it appears that everyone that has bought the mirror manufacturer by Tex is having problems with them. I still have my original mirror and when you put them side by side you can see that the new mirror I purchased is not even close. When you mount it on the car which a 1971 XKE OTS the only thing you can see is your shoulder even when it adjusted to the limit.

Thanks for responding,

David Farley

Martin, thanks for your input. I wonder why the Top-of-the-line jag parts store do not sell this mirror. I wonder if it would mount the same with the existing holes. I do not understand why they are selling a substandard part for a very expensive car.

David Farley.

Martin, thanks for the photo. My mirror is the same. The new mirror I purchased made by TEX has a shorter stem and where the mirror attaches is curved down and points more towards the door. So when you are in the car you can only see you shoulder. Is there any other manufacturer of this mirror.

David Farley

Steve, my mirror is original to the car. The picture that Martin put on is exactly what my original mirror looks like. The round opening in the original mirror is parallel to the road and not bent down and pointing towards the door.

David Farley

This is the TEX mirror i linked to 03 head 37 stem…if not the same as yours then why not measure yours photo it and email TEX…they have quite a selection on their web site …haveing read some old posts i see there have been problems getting the correct stem…i think youre going to have to carefully measure yours and look on ebay or the classified section for new old stock

Thanks, Steve, for the information. I will look on their website and check out. I will try to email them and tell them my problem.

David Farely

You may want to purchase the convex mirror - same shape, and fits the same stem, but improves the field of vision to the rear.

I initially ordered the TEX flat mirror, it was like looking through a straw, backwards.

I replaced it with a TEX convex head. I believe it is a convex Type 03, as this was the one that fit my stem. My stem looks just like yours, so this one should fit. 18 GBP if I remember.

I also purchased the type 01 mirror head, but it has a different attachment for the stem.

The convex mirror looks original and does provide a better field of vision. Well, a bit more field of vision.

Charlton Owensby

Thanks, Charlton, for the good information. I just can’t understand if a company is going to make a replacement mirror for a Jaguar XKE why did they not make it exact. The stem of the Tex replacement stem is so different.

David Farley

The mirrors arnt made for only XKE…they were used for various models…if TEX no longer make the exact model thatvthey did in the 60/70s then you need to look for old stock or use a different mirror…the usesl supplier’s sell after market mirrors suitable for XKE but dont say they are exact copies…Steve

I kept my original stem and just replaced the mirror head. I previously purchased a new stem, but found they were not the same as original. Almost, but not quite.
The original stem will accept the new mirror head.
I had considered re-chroming my stem, but it was in good shape. It would be simple to have it re-chromed as it is easily disassembled into two parts.
Hope this helps.

Charlton Owensby

You might try E-type Parts. The inside rear view mirror was missing on my car and I did not like the reproductions available at that time. I called John Farrell and he sent me an original used one that I liked much better. I think he sold all of his inventory to E-type Parts several ago.

68 E-type FHC

My stem is in good shape but the base has a couple of bad places that can not be repaired. I will look on Ebay, might fine something there.


David Farley

I have an S2 door mirror that I won’t be using. The underside is a little pitted on the chrome, but the part you see from sitting inside looks pretty decent. Mirror is shot so you’ll need to swap yours over. Free for shipping if interested.

I wonder if a glass shop could replace the glass in the mirror head?

Thanks for the generous offer. My shaft is good and the mirror. The problem with my original mirror is the base has oxidized so bad that it is too bad to have rechromed.

Thanks again,

David Farley