1971 Jaguar XKE series 2 OTS air intake for heater

Restoring a 1971 XKE series two OTS. I ordered a air intake for the heater that mounts on the left side of bonnet, it is two short to line up with the blower intake. I now have discovered that I have a late series two and a lot of things on my car a also on the series 3. The heater box is for a V-12. Would anyone of you pro’s have a used or new air intake, that would be for sale? Evidently the difference between part # BD22480 and part # BD36897 is one inch. I need the one that the LOA is 10 1/4-1/2 inches long. Thanks for the help on this matter.

David Farley

I am in the UK with a S2 that came from the US minus this air intake. I had quite a problem getting one as it seems the only one being produced was for the S1 because of the rush to restore these models. This meant there was little demand for the S2. Eventually I found one at a well known Jaguar race car builder and restorer as they are not used on race cars apparently. Whether you can source one from similar outlets wherever you are, may be worth a try.

Here is my source in the UK if it helps, they are quite well known in the US as well,

M&C.Wilkinson, Nr Doncaster UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1777 818061
Email: mike@jaguar-spares-uk.co.uk

Also I just checked the SNG Barratt site in the UK and they have both the parts you have identified in stock, if that helps.

It may be prudent to check the distance from the bulkhead to the centre of the heater mesh on your car and on an S3 and a standard S2 to make sure you do have an S3 part fitted.

I have a 1970 S2 OTS and the distances are as follows,
From bulkhead to centre of mesh = 12 1/2"
From bulkhead to outer edge of heater box (towards front) = 16 7/8"

Hope that helps

Tony, thanks so much for your quick response. Mine is a 1971 S2 OTS and that is the same measurement from the bulkhead to center of mesh. I will contact SNG tomorrow and see if they can tell me which one I need. I will also contact M&C Wilkinson.

David Farley

From your reply I assume you have a standard S2 heater like mine and therefore the air box should also be the same standard S2. Now we know the cars are the same if you need any further measurements let me know

Tony, Thanks, I will. I just found out that the heater box for a V-12 is longer, so that is why the air intake that I have will not fit, its for a V-12 I need the longer air intake. My heater box is a standard series 2 box. Would you have a clock for our model, even if it does not work, I can send it to smith and have it rebuilt. Mine got broken during the restoration process beyond repair.

Thanks again,

David Farley

I suspected that you may have the normal S2 heater box which is why I passed on the dimensions from mine. Not sure where you are located but I got to thinking that perhaps if you find your local Jaguar or E Type group, maybe some kind soul will pop their air box off so you can try it on your car to make sure the new part will be the solution.

As to a clock, I have just had my own repaired as this is a very common problem. How fussy are you about it being absolutely the correct model for your car? British Leyland fitted a similar clock to some of their other up market cars in the 70’s, like Rover and Triumph. It differs in that yours will have two buttons to the front in roughly the ten and two o’clock positions. The item I am referring to looks identical except those buttons are in the lower half of the face. The mechanisms appear to be very similar, these appear on eBay and other auction sites at much lower prices and often in working order. One of these would give you the option to fit and send your own for repair. However you need to know that repairs to these clocks is not cheap, my own cost £150 to repair as parts are not readily available from what I found out, so it means the repair entails fitting other components internally. The clock looks no different once repaired and may even hold better time as quartz movements seem to be the innards of choice.

Patience seems to be the byword and keep an eye on the auction sites. The S3 fitted a Keinzle clock which had a plain face with no visible controls, these were fitted to quite a lot of cars and can be found quite cheaply. It just depends on how you feel about deviating from standard.

You might also try one of the race car builders as again the clock is often removed in a race car.

I can provide the name of a repairer if needed

I just remembered, when I was looking for my air box I put a note on a couple of E Type sites looking to borrow one and had a chap in Surrey offer to lend his as he was part way through a restoration and did not need it for a short while. You may try that as it showed me that guys on these sites are pretty helpful when you are in a tight spot.

Where are you located?

Tony, I am not real fussy about the clock being correct. Just want something to fill the hole and works. I started this project back in 1992. I bought the car in 1981 when it was ten years old. Between career changes and grandkids and sports it has taken me this long to get where I am now. I am about 95% on the 100% restoration. The only thing I need now is the air intake, interior and top and then it will be done. I am 71 years old and would like to drive it some while I am able. I did purchase a correct air intake today from EnglishParts.com and they had a great price on it. I appreciate all the good info you have given me. I will look for the clocks you mentioned. If you will drop me a few pics of your car.



I have a few spare Kienzle clocks, in my parts Rovers, that can be made to work. They’d have to be the size you need, so let me know the OD of the clock–or ID of the hole–and I’ll measure mine.

Thanks Paul, I will send you the ID of the hole.

Thanks again

David Farley

Hello David

I am just on my way out but will respond later, I take it you are in the US but where so I know what time zone to contact you on.



Tony, I live in Princeton WV, zip is 24739.

Paul, the opening size on my dash for the clock is 2 1/4 inches.


Copy that! It’ll take me a few days to get out to the parts cars, but I think that is the size of the Kienzle clock.

Mike Eck can rebuild it.

John Walker came up with an inexpensive way to get the Series 2 type clock working. I did this to my E and two 70’s Chevrolet’s over the summer. All 3 have been keeping good time for several weeks now. Thanks John.

68 E-type FHC

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Hello David

Thanks for letting me know where you are, at least now I have an idea when you might be awake to read the mail, as we are around 5 hours in front of you, so I guess its Good Morning.

My you have had your car a long time, but fully understand how life in its various ways can interrupt projects. We are about the same age and like you I now want to get to drive/ride some of my stuff before they have to lower me in and out of the car. Certainly as we age the old bones start to seize up and some of the creaking you hear is not coming from the car!

I noted that you are looking to replace the top and interior, so there is still a little challenging work to do, however there are some good articles in the E Type Forums as well as books that will help. If you can get a look at the book written by David Barzilay (E Type Jaguar Restoration Book), it is well written in a style that is easy to understand. It documents the strip and rebuild of an early S1, but most of it translates to the S2. The author was the MD at CMC (Classic Motor Cars) who are one of the world’s leading Jaguar restorers. It is worth looking at their website, although having been around their facility I know there is more to see than could ever be shown on a website.

One point I am reminded of if you are doing a roof replacement, the S2 cover is different to the S1 and the S3, so make sure you check that out with your supplier. Also if possible ask to see one of their covers fitted to a car, my own car came with a new cover and whilst it fitted mostly quite well, there was a large gap between the side windows and the cover and amount of stretching can make it fit. So now I am having a new cover installed by BAS International who apparently provided covers to Jaguar themselves. Hence the reason for checking the fit and manufacture of any cover before buying. I will dig out some links for you and post later.

Back to the clock, I had a quick look on the USA version of eBay, but there was not much on there that would be of use to you. So if you can have a look at the UK version, obviously as the clocks were manufactured here and fitted to a number of British cars, they are likely to come up for sale more frequently than in the US. I don’t know what postage costs would be if you sourced here, perhaps something you might like to investigate. Here are a couple of links from the UK site which I hope you might be able to view,

  1.   There is not a single clock with a front face identical to yours advertised right now on the UK site
  2.   New replacement clock with no front controls  and a chrome bezel (not black like yours) eBay Item No.333256243626, cost ranges from £46-£66
  3.   A repaired/restored clock but with upgraded quartz movement eBay item 372580818152. Note this clock is one of those where the controls are in the lower half of the glass unlike yours which are in the top. However he is asking a lot of money £160 and the quality of the product is not that great. But as I am sure you will know, anything they can link to an E Type tends to double the money.
  4.   Final alternative is a Kienzle clock from an S3, virtually the same as the Smiths but with no controls on the front.
  5.   There was a guy in the US called Mike Eck who has been repairing E type clocks for quite some time and within the E Type community seems to have a good reputation, he used to trade as Jaguarclocks.com, but I cannot seem to get anything here, perhaps you can try. I did find note that some people had managed to contact him via orders@coolcatcorp.com .  He is located in New Jersey, but does come well recommended if you can reach him. If you put a few optional words in the Jag-lovers site, you will come across the numerous comments about him as well as the clocks themselves.

I think that is probably enough reading material for one day so will sign off, if I can be of further help then please shout, I have put a couple of shots of my car on for you (note the airbox not fitted!), so would be nice also to see what you are working on at your end.

Regards for now


Jag E Type Moors 7.8 (3).JPG

Jag E Type Moors 7.8 (21).JPG

Jag E Type Moors 7.8 (29).JPG

Jag  E Type Ins Pics 11.2 (9).JPG

Thanks so much.


I think the hole in your car is larger than the Kienzle which I think was 52mm

Tony, Thanks again for all the great info, and your car is absolutely beautiful. Car not wait till I get mine finished.


The hole is 2 1/4 inch. I will send you some pics of my car as soon as I get back in town.