1971 xj6 with a Chevy TPI 5.7 need advice on return fuel line

The 71’ jaguar doesn’t have a return fuel line, Looking for advise on how to hook up a return fuel line for a 1990 sbc 5.7 TPI on the 71’ Jaguar XJ6.

First time doing this

Not much help from me. You need to return to two tanks. which is to be related to which tank yu have selected to draw from.

I would suggest a search for the fuel routing in a Seried 3 . A fuel injected Jaguar. It will not be exact.

And, how are you dealing with the fuel pump issue. Yiour car has two tanik imbeded and can produce enough PSI for carbs. Not enough for EFI!!!

Might be as acomplex as to need later tanks. Thsoe that have a spigot for the return lines!!!

I had a ball doing my swap. I passed on a TPI for the LT1.


i put series 3 tanks in my '71 S1 so i didn’t have to weld on a tank.
they can be had new or used.

and please post some pics of your project

I’m so interested on getting more info on your tanks! I also have a S3 that I would love to take the tanks from. Do they fit or special brackets need to be fabricated? Thanks in advance

I’ve tried to post pictures but I don’t understand the site.

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good looking project! thanks for posting pics.
Looks like an Series 3 parked next to it?
the series 3 tanks bolt in, no mods required. just run the return line. i used the S1 sending units and had to bend them around a bit to get full travel.
the S1 sending units are accessed from the front side and the S3 the rear. so if you ever need to replaces a sending unit, you’ll need to drop the tank down.
here’s my S1 thread. maybe have a look and see if you have any more questions, Starting my S1 XJ6 LS1 swap