1971 XKE series 2 OTS

Needing help from all you pro’s, Trying to finish up a restoration on my 1971 Jaguar XKE, series 2 OTS. I had misplace or lost my air intake for the heater box so I order one on ebay, but when I put it on it did not fit on top of the center of the heater box. It is about 1 or 2 inches short. It looks like the right one but must not be. Can anyone give me the correct part number for what I need. It bolts up correctly but is not long enough. Some one said that the air intake I bought off of eBay might fit a series three because the heater box is longer so air intake is shorter. Don’t know. Thanks for any info on the issue.

David Farley.

Hello David,
The part number is BD22480.



Thanks Bill for the great input, I will try to find this item.


In case you haven’t tried this… simply entering the part number in a Google search will usually give you the part on several vendors sites. A lot faster than working through each company’s web pages.