1973 XJ6 Parking Brake Cable

Gentlemen: To more mundane matters.

The parking brake cable on the 73 XJ6 slips off the sheave in the engine compartment when pulled hard. The cable comes out of the firewall and then makes an almost 180-degree turn by means of the sheave and travels towards the back of the car. Is there something missing that perhaps covers the sheave to prevent the cable from slipping off it?

I checked the 71 XJ6 but that is a totally different setup. In that car, the cable pulls a metal arm that pivots and probably connects to another cable under the passenger compartment.


Does this photo help? Original installation from 1972 XJ6. I believe this setup and 1973 model year are identical.

Here is the same configuration restored:

Clearly a better design, I wonder what made them change that.

Is the cable too loose?

Cable in the photo (restored vehicle) looks loose because the rear brake cable isn’t attached yet. When all rigged up, the front cable tension is fine and it doesn’t slip. Note the little plastic roller … this keeps the cable on track.


So in the “before” photo, are you standing in the engine compartment of the car on a lift, looking at the exhaust side of inner fender well?

And then, in the “after” photo, where are you?

Obviously no engine is in the car. “Before” photo is looking at left side undercarriage toward fender. “After” photo is taken from a position more towards the front of the car, looking towards the back and also towards the left fender.