1974 E Type bumper change

Has anyone changed out 1974 bumpers to 1972 bumpers?

Only took me 20+ years to decided to make the change. Just order a set of '71 overriders and with a slight modification (which can be reversed) they fit. JS Atlanta, GA


Good going. I’ve always despised the monster rubber things.


That is exactly what I would like to do. The question is is there a kit with all the replacement parts, if so what is the source? Any possibility that some repainting has to be done?

No painting is required. You need four bumper overriders (for a 71’) and the aluminum rear cover plate. All can be supplied from SNG. On the front all you need to do is pull off the overriders, slightly grind off the corners of the mount (it does not show, since its covered either way). Pull the rubber cover off the overrider, mount it with an appropriate bolt and replace the rubber. On the back, unbolt the complete rear mount and you will nee to fabricate a mount. Once you take a look at it, you will see what is needed. Took me about a 1/2 day to swap out, could do it faster the now… Im not aware of any “kits” being sold. There are other ways to perform this work, but this is the only method I found that is truly reversible. Jeff Smith Atlanta, GA

What is SNG?

One of the three or four specialty parts supplier most of us use from time to time. Others ore Welsh Enterprises, Moss Motors and Terry’s You’ll sometimes see then collectively referred to as “The Usuals”.


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Tks I know Moss Motors very well

You also need to drill and preferably tap a hole in the existing front overrider pads to attach the chrome style overriders. You might also need to extend the slots in the front bumper blades to slide them forward a bit and cover the overrider gap. I did on my mine, it wasn’t necessary on a friends car.

I had not been the forum for several years and saw this post couple of weeks ago. I was motivated because the poster stated it was about half day job and reversible. So I ordered the overriders and a blanking plate. Well, it wasn’t easy to change the real overriders. Each overrider supporting structure had 6 bolts and numerous spotwelds to the body. And the 1971 overriders would not fit without drilling a hole on the bumper for overrider mounting bolts and newly fabricated brackets. So I left them off. I kinda like look of the rear bumper without overriders.
However, I just can’t figure out how to mount front overriders. I took off the rubber ovetriders. What is behind is 5/8" thick steel mount plate welded to 3 structural parts protruding the front end. The overriders I got from SNG have inner tabs welded inside, preventing them siting right and I have to drill 1/2" holes in the 5/8" plates for the ovrrrider mounting bolts. Even then there are no space behind the plates for mounting nuts. It seems I need to cut off the plates and weld thinner plates and create spaces behind the plates for the bolt. Not reversible process.
I would very much appreciate to hear from anyone who converted 74 bumper overriders to 71 ones.
74 E Type OTS

For the front overriders you will need to snap off the inner tabs with pliers. Drill and tap a hole in the existing plate so that a nut is not needed to affix the overrider. The steel is relatively mild so not hard to do. The hole should be drilled at the same height as center of bumper. Grind the side edges of said plate down a bit so that overrider will fit over it. You may also need a drilled spacer between the two to make it work. I used 3/8” delrin from a kitchen cutting board to make it work.

Also you may have to remove the bumpers and extend the adjusting slot a bit so that you can slide them forward to meet the new chrome overriders.

It’s more than a half day job the first time you do it.

Drew, Sorry you had problems with the rear support structure…on my car, it simply unbolted, no welds. I guess these cars can be somewhat different. JS

Gentlemen, thanks for the quick responses. I think I can picture the process better. SNG sent me 4 overriders with one pre-assembled. A carriage bolt inserted to the overrider with a nut inside and the rubber pad is attached to the overrider by the 2 protruding metal tabs of the rubber twisted inside of the overriders, covering the carriage bolt head. Then you push bolt thru the hole you drill and tighten a nut. I just don’t see how I can tighten the nut from behind the overrider. So replacing the carriage bolt with a hex and tap the hole will work. But then I am not sure how to attach the rubber pad to overrider. Glue it? You can’t get inside of the overrider at that point.
Again I appreciate your help.

Just press the overrider rubber piece in the slots. Bend them outward a bit beforehand and it will hold, no problem.

Just to be sure, are the SNG-numbers BD38803/04 for front overriders? My car is a series 3 from 1973.

Ok, I will bend as much as I can.

Yes, they are 71/72 overriders. They don’t sell ones for 73 or 74. I don’t think any of the usuals sells them.

Thanks again.


Yes, 38803/38804 are left and right overriders for the 71-72 Series 3. They fit my ‘74 and I assume they also fit the ‘73s.

Hi guys to yet again resurrect this thread. I have the chrome overriders etc but not sure Jeff what you mean about the “rear cover plate“…?
Do you have a picture and a part number.?

Thanks Andrew.

Here is an example of the cover that I installed, since I removed the complete rear structure. I may have had to trim it, it was a long time ago… not 100% of the exact part number, I would measure what you need, but I think you will get the idea.

Jaguar Part Number = C37349