1974 E type V12 automatic (was straight 12)

Had it looked at by a knowledgeable dealer. Too much rust, good for parts. Bonnet, trunk cover and wheels look good. In north Houston area.PM if interested.

I’d love to see that straight 12 engine! Must be a long wheelbase. :sweat_smile:
Just giving you a hard time…

One of the reasons for the death of the straight eight was because it was so long the crankshaft would flex too much to be high performance.


Welcome to our community. I have a couple V-12’s - one under restoration, one in backlog… You don’t mention whether the car has all the mechanical and trim bits and pieces. Some photos would help if you can share some. I know for new members there are some website restrictions on what you can post. Offers to buy or sell are supposed to go in the classified’s, but we are happy to share any thoughts on what you have.


Also maybe exhaust all possibilities of a restoration, couple very very rusty and ambitious etype restorations here.

Some basic questions will be:

Roadster (open top) or 2+2?
Automatic or 4-speed manual?
If a Roadster, does it have a hardtop?
Does it have a title?
Does engine turn over? (Won’t even ask if it runs)
If you know the history, what put it into storage and how long ago?
Has it already been picked over for parts?

If the car is that rough, nobody could ever break even on a restoration, which is possibly the dealer’s frame of reference. But there are some crazy people out here (like me) who will try anything.


Just be aware that offering items for sale in the forum specific types is not allowed. That is what the classifieds section is for, not that you have access as you are a new used, perhaps read the forum rules?

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Roadster (open top), Automatic transmission, no hardtop, title in my brother in law’s name, who passed away 2 months ago. We will be getting the title after some further legal proceedings. The engine does not turn over. He last drove it about 30-35 years ago. In his garage since then. It has not been picked over for parts.I have sent you photos. Can get more if you want to see anything in particular. It is a V -12.