1975 XJ12C Remote Mirror Repair Parts

My coupe has both joysticks for left and right hand mirrors broken off of the manual remote mirror adjusters. Upon disassembly I discovered the PO had tightened the grub screws too much and distorted the “cages” holding the cables to the joystick to the point where they did not move freely, hence upon forcing them they broke off. Now my issue, I have attempted to purchase replacement mirrors from SNG Barratt, and they sent me mirrors for a right-hand drive vehicle, which do not work. Since my mirrors are in excellent condition, I would like to attempt to repair them by replacement of the joysticks. Being unable to find replacement joystick parts anywhere on the internet, I am turning to my fellow listers to see if anyone has a couple lying in the bottom of their parts boxes they would be willing to part with for a few shekels.

Are these the oval mirrors (as opposed to the later rectangular ones)? I assume you are returning the SNG mirrors, otherwise you could use the bits from those?

I’ll see what I have sitting around–I think I might have an entire mirror or two, and I’ll see if I can detach the bits you need. I assume you can’t swap the mounting bases left-to-right?

Yes, the oval mirrors are what I have. Yes I returned the incorrect ones. I did not want to disassemble the new mirrors to strip them for parts.

David A. Judd

I have one if Bon turns out not to have the bits. From memory it’s a LHD driver side but am not sure how to tell.

Yes, I would appreciate that. For the joystick I don’t think it will matter which side it comes from. The pieces appear identical.

David A. Judd

I’ll let you have first chance Bob. Let us know if you can’t help David.


Sorry, Pete. I looked when I posted but couldn’t easily find my box-o-mirrors. Seems like old age is coming on even faster than I can write about it. :slight_smile:

So if you can help that’s great. BTW, those cable mirrors (and the later rectangular ones) were fitted to other cars besides Jags, in particular Jeep Cherokee and Wagoneer IIRC. They are (or used to be) pretty common.

Here are the mirrors side by side and see the difference in the mounting bases. The less shiny ones are the originals and the new ones are the SNG Barratt replacement parts which are clearly for a right hand drive car. First photo is of the Driver Side. Second is Passenger side. As you can see the driver side has too much twist and the passenger has too little. Sorry, I do not have an image of the joystick as they are AWOL.

Can you remember the years of Jeeps which might have them?

The square mirrors come with two kinds of base not because of handedness but because of model. They were used on XJ and XJS which had different door profiles. This oval type came on S3 E-types as well. Could still be a handed issue of course.

Contact me off list if you want to go ahead.

The angle of the mounting plinth of rectangular mirrors with respect to a horizontal axis differed among XJ, XJS, and Jeep models due to differences in door profiles, as you say. But the angle of the housing with respect to a vertical axis differed too. The nominal position of each mirror was designed to be “flat” within the frame of the opening in housing; tilting the mirror left/right or up/down within the housing was for fine adjustment. Because the mirror surface must “dissect” the angle between the driver’s line of sight and the rearward direction, the opening in the passenger side housing is rotated towards the driver, who will be looking across the cabin. So RHD and LHD mirrors differ–the passenger mirror is rotated, and in later models, has a convex lens.

I think the Jeep mirrors were for contemporaneous Wrangler and Cherokee models.

Believe it or not they are the same vendor as AMC. So find an AMC scraper and there you go.

It seems finding a Jeep mirror is more difficult than finding a correct Jaguar mirror.

If you have some mirror parts for sale, I am interested. My search elsewhere is getting me nowhere.