1975 XJ6C found in New Jersey!

To all,

I’ve had a few questions about my 1975 Jaguar XJ6C, which I purchased last year after a few too many glasses of wine while on Bring A Trailer.
The car has a very poorly installed 350 Chevrolet engine, an Automatic and 700’ of electrical wires that do not connect to anything.
Folks on the forum have been trying to get this car restored but it is not a Series 1 E-Type and well, I’m going to make it a fun car.
At least, it will be, hopefully, on the road.
So here are a few pictures of “Before’, when I bought it. I’ve just started going through it and it seems almost everything will need some work. But let’s see where we go from here. Great forum and I enjoy all the feedback from you all.

I will attach some photos for your enjoyment…

Nick Nicaise
Catonsville, MD USA

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Purchased on March 13, 2020. Covid lockdown weekend in USA

Nicely detailed engine bay…HA

I couldn’t help but look back to see what you paid… the good news is nobody was mugged during the purchase of this car. That’s a serious risk in New Jersey.

Consider finding a mid 70’s rusty sedan and merging the cars. Someone gave me an engineless primered XJ6C recently and I will be merging it with an 83 XJS. If the paint on your car is salvageable, you’re way ahead of me and my free car.


Thanks John,

Final price was $3400. The winning bidder dropped out (probably after seeing it in person). But we worked out a deal.


Is it staying lumped, or going back to an XK?

It will stay a hot rod but Im trying to correct the myriad of issues.


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Here’s an engineless rust bucket XJC on EBay already bid up to $4250 with an hour to go:

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Well, it’s not my old XJ6C. It was repainted Carriage Brown over metallic red and was a rust bucket. The wrong 4.2 died a horrible death, and was replaced by a 350 Chevy and 350 Turbo trans. Some poor devil bought it from me, and carried it off to parts unknown. Hopefully, it has been recycled into washing machines or something.


just for a body like that 4000 US would be a steal, if the scarce coupé only parts are present. Halfway decent coupés go for 30 kEUR around here.



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

looks to sit up real high, is that to clear the wheels? what wheels are on it?

Looks like BMW E39 wheels to me.

The eBay auction makes Nick’s purchase look better and better.


Good call.
They are and they are on eBay. I have a set of clone Ronal R9s on it right now.

the last person jacked it up so (and I am not making this up) so the exhaust system can pass between the half-shaft and the lower arm. I just cut that out and moved the shocks to OEM location


After refitting to OEM position

Great, Nick!

Nice job! - How about the front end? If there is a light V8 in the original springs will make it look like a starting 747. Do you have an option to adapt the springs or put in some 100 kg in extra weight?



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)