1976 Jaguar XJ12C

Look what followed me home

needs, well, everything. some rust repair as well, but not around the windscreens.
Black with Russet interior.
the V12 is gone. tempted to do a jag supercharged straight 6, or the modern 6.0 v12?
easiest would be a lump.
picked it up for $500. so another $30k and i’ll have a car worth $15k!


You need a rusty runnable XJS and just merge the two together. That’s what I’m doing with my empty XJC shell!

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that’s not a half bad idea! not many rusty XJS’s here in AZ

Some info here, XJC Register

Not sure about production numbers. One of 323? Or is that 323 they know of?

Also, is it one of 20 in black?

One of 1 Black with Russet interior?
how does one interpret this brekdown?

323 LHD XJ12C production in 1976, that is correct. Not a common car.

if only that made it worth more! lol
rarity doesn’t equate to more valuable unfortunately

A stray kitty!

Be careful as you don’t want to get cat scratch fever from the rust.

Looks like it needs a good home.

They’re worth way more than the four door! Apparently they are going up in value because my bare shell was free, and yours was $500. That’s a massive increase percentage wise. Yours has some paint on it, and mine is just primer so maybe that’s why you paid so much for it :slight_smile:

More seriously I don’t think if you spent $30k in restoration it would be worth only $15k. There is a pretty good sales history here:

Hagerty gives this guide:

I trust you could make that car “excellent” for $30k and be even on your money.

If ‘Fair’ is # 4, then my XJ12C must be a # 6 ! It looks like it’ll take $ 10,000 to get it up to ‘Barnfind/Driver’.