1976 XJ-S on BaT

(Paul) #1

Felt compelled to explode here fwiw among others who could appreciate.
Wished to wait until auction end.

Upon taking a look again, Holy Smokes.

I’ve been really interested in a pre HE S for a while. Loved my other 2 HE models I’ve owned.
Mr. Kirbert Palm’s compendium a godsend of course.

In fact, came across a past contributor’s pre HE a while back as I was on the search for one.
Bernard Embden(?), created an enthusiast’s page. Serendipity suddenly found it available for sale! But alas I was too late. Of any pre HE to own…
That was a year or so ago. It went up to Kentucky, again available for sale I discovered via Craigslist(?!), ad disappeared without a sale and my jotting down info…sigh.

Ah well. FWIW

(Bernard Embden) #2

I believe the guy that bought my car lived in Kentucky somewhere. From what I understand he got divorced and sold the car. The new owner emailed me and asked me if I would be interested in buying the car back.
I explained that by health forced the sale in the first place, however if he sent me pictures I would forward them to this list. The pics were small and out of focus, literally useless.
That was quite a few years ago. I have no idea where the car is or it’s condition. Ironically he referred to the car as “Samantha” a reference to my daughter who took a lot of the early photographs for my website.


(Paul) #3

Genuinely pleased to meet you and it is a nice surprise your responding.
Great photo of you there!
You appear just as I imagined, delightful and charming!
Ah, the way this place used to be and as I remembered…god, it’s been 20yrs.

Feel as if I know you merely from your site.
Jeez…call me a fan??

Recently returned upon living abroad all that time, returning with nothing and lost everybody.
So what’s the first thing I do?? Look for an old Jaguar again of course.
Your site certainly helped motivate, and reminded me how charming it all was during those darkest hours…

Sigh, I knew I would anyway, once these cars are in your blood after all…

Began looking for an XJ-S again and somehow came across your site.
Perhaps time had passed since your initial sale, but once again did BIZARRELY find it on Craigslist in KY, perhaps late 2016?

At any rate, as mentioned, ad ended and lost track.

But boy oh boy did your car get my blood pumping!
Not a pet or vehicle naming kinda guy, however I would have honored your car’s name just the same . Remember you noting your daughter was your photographer and didn’t want to be photographed. Someday she may regret that decision…as we all do later on in life.

I chose a S1 XJ6 in part believing it would be easier to maintain, restore, etc, but it really isn’t.
Rare cars too like the pre-HE.

Now with all apart and restoring all, leaving no stone unturned for a solid driver, eh, a V12 well maintained would have actually been no more difficult or time consuming really, also less expensive.
Sure the V12 requires double of everything and parts are a bit more pricey, and if you need a motor rebuild you’re dead, but the nickel and diming of the XK needs add up just the same.

… although finding a good one would have required more perseverance, patience, and luck.

At any rate, I genuinely hope your health is better and you are well.
A little older and wiser, how these seemingly cliche expressions begin to make perfect sense…ie. if you have your health you have everything.

Thank you for chiming in once again and happy holidays to you.
I’ll always remember that car.


PS: Are you still enjoying your Aston Martin?

(Bernard Embden) #4

Hi Demian,
Yes I am still enjoying the Aston Martin. That said, nothing can duplicate the enjoyment of owning the Jaguar for almost 30 years. A large part of the enjoyment was all the fabrication and mechanical expertise needed to keep the car running. That, and of course the comradeship and help from this list. As I occasionally sign on I still see familar names that I saw decades ago. I remember getting Kirby’s fledgling book on a floppy disk. Ed Sowell
was a novice, now an recognized expert (Smile)
This list has given me far more than I have contributed. He might deny it, but I believe that’s the reason Kirby is list here.

(Paul) #5

I have just spent evening going through Ed Sowell’s site.
Definitely a kindred spirit.
Then again, aren’t we all?

I will download and save pages from both your sites, just in case. His car must have 150k+ miles on it now.
For others should they not have: http://www.efsowell.us/

Thank you for responding. Nice to hear you are enjoying your Aston and are well.

Hope you have nice holiday.
Kind regards