1976 XJ-S on BaT

(Paul) #1

Felt compelled to explode here fwiw among others who could appreciate.
Wished to wait until auction end.

Upon taking a look again, Holy Smokes.

I’ve been really interested in a pre HE S for a while. Loved my other 2 HE models I’ve owned.
Mr. Kirbert Palm’s compendium a godsend of course.

In fact, came across a past contributor’s pre HE a while back as I was on the search for one.
Bernard Embden(?), created an enthusiast’s page. Serendipity suddenly found it available for sale! But alas I was too late. Of any pre HE to own…
That was a year or so ago. It went up to Kentucky, again available for sale I discovered via Craigslist(?!), ad disappeared without a sale and my jotting down info…sigh.

Ah well. FWIW

(Bernard Embden) #2

I believe the guy that bought my car lived in Kentucky somewhere. From what I understand he got divorced and sold the car. The new owner emailed me and asked me if I would be interested in buying the car back.
I explained that by health forced the sale in the first place, however if he sent me pictures I would forward them to this list. The pics were small and out of focus, literally useless.
That was quite a few years ago. I have no idea where the car is or it’s condition. Ironically he referred to the car as “Samantha” a reference to my daughter who took a lot of the early photographs for my website.