1978 Jaguar roadster

(Include at least one picture)

Description: rare RHD XJS roadster

Asking price (if selling):45,000.

Location: AUSTIN TX, USA

Contact information: ronbrothers@gmail.com

Cost of shipping (if selling): buyer pays shipping

Willing to ship worldwide? YES

.jag interior 001 .

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.DSCN8695 .

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Wow, Ron…selling it?

I’ll assume it’s just time!

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Wigs , you guessed it!
i’m close to 86 yrs and just dont drive it enough to appreciate it!
plus nowheres driving it like it should be!
, of note i have a 2hr video of the build, on VHS, then put on CD discs!
vid is a little boring narration, but shows important things! (engine,trans, buildup).
if you know anyone that may have interest, let me know!
it would be someone who DOES NOT need it, buts wants it?

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wow! didn’t see that one coming. You’re selling it… :astonished:

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NEW Battery ,yesterday, it was time, turns over faster starts easier!
still F/S, ron

this new battery is the best thing yet!
it reads 12.97 volts after setting for 10 days in an unheated garage, 45/50F!
i’m bettin a 13V battery would be a big seller if someone manufactured one?
espcially for older 12V cars!

HI , just testing!

Hyyah, some one needs to buy this car, a real show stopper!
just rewired an injector driver unit relay!
it drives 12 low impedence injectors, lotta current !

hi all just checkin in , patience is a virtue!

Were i to own a V12, yours may be it, but 45 large is waaaay outta my price structure.

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Thanks Paul for the look at!
car should go to someone who knows Jaguars, and has some sense about it!
i have a list of the many mods that dont easily show!

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Come on Paul. Just go through your old suit coats in the closet and you’d find the lazy 45K :grinning:



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Bill… I own a clapped-out Rover: methinks you may make the mistake thinking Im Daddy Warbucks…:smile:


Hello Paul,
Hmmm. You do have that Daddy Warbucks swagger.



Shape, maybe: Swagger?

More like a waddle…:smiling_imp:

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Have you thought about some targeted advertising in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan. You could have some luck there being it is right hand drive.
Best of luck.


Stephen , i have given some thought but shipping would raise the cost considerably!
at full price i could make some incentives tho!
depends on the person that does NOT need this type car, BUT wants it anyway!
chances value will only increase mainly because it is a rare car , and many professional mods!
at car shows it gets a lot of lookers and talkers, that i enjoy, they all get excited and wanna hear the loud exhaust 12 cylinders ONE outlet, 5" echo chamber!

truth is many people walk past stock Jag XJS , and stop by mine to chat! and yes , they love the RHD!

I am currently in communications with a fellow in Australia. We are trying to work out his buying my XJ-SC rear hard top. Shipping is probably going to be a deal killer. He said that the XJS is worth considerably more in Australia but the the exchange rate is down. I suggested trying to pool buyers and load a shipping container. Maybe this is some thing we could all utilize ?

I think you should advert it on BaT.

i tried that, they refused it because it was a modified car, they like ordinary factory cars, they want boring ,no excitement cars , all well and good that means the market is controlled by people who have little or dont want change?
it gives them more control of the collector market!
ALTHO there are some cars that get advertised that are modded, maybe they send incentives that i’m not aware of!
and its has only been lately that XJS are going up in value! (finally).