1978 Jaguar roadster

Stephen that is a good idea , back years ago , when Scandinavia would ship many American Muscle cars in as big a lots as possible, they could see the future in them cars!
Shame. back then Muscle cars were being scrapped for junk, i did a few because(next year there were more newer faster muscle cars coming on line !
OK 1964 Dodge Ramcharger 426 Wedge head , 2 huge cross ram carbys, beautiful cast large flow exhaust manifolds etc, Aluminum bumpers, hood, NO backseats (cardboard shelf in place), NO undercoatings , race built auto trans, rear gear 3.92 LSD, (spin the tires at 90 mph when shifted to top gear!).
but most important, a little sticker on dash board(worth a fortune today), THIS VEHICLE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR STREET OPERATION!
it overheated any time out for a drive , couple weeks blew head gaskets, cracked both heads (dealer said when bought NO warrenty available), but a call to Michigan Dodge hdquarter, said to dealer take care of buyer, so they sent me two new heads and all gaskets , put it together , WELL me and friends , took it out one night beat everyting that would race, BUT finally blew the complete engine to junk , actually split the block right up thru the mains and into the cam bores cracked , coolant spray every where, oil all over the ground!
winter was coming so car outside in the snow NO engine , me working ass off , father said do somthing with that car, me in one ear and out the other , I came home one day car was GONE, he called the junkyard and scrapped it??

can you imagine what that car be worth today, A genuine RAMCHARGER built 1964 Dodge?