1978 relay and fuse locations

Could somebody please help with relay and fuse locations on a 78 XJS coupe.having trouble loca

Looks like Paul has fallen into the boot looking for the relays.

Hope the central locking hasn’t locked him in.

Hey Deiselman,

No, central locking not working as well. LOL

I recommend that you start over again since your initial post looks like it was incomplete. Exactly what fuses and relays are you looking for? There are fuse panels beneath the drivers side and passenger side of the dashboard as well as inside the engine bay and then there are a bunch of inline fuses throughout the car. There are relays inside the dash, engine bay, center console, and the trunk and possibly more.
It looks like you are new to Jag-Lovers so I recommend that you download a copy of Kirby Palm’s “Experience in a Book” from Jag-lovers and read it from cover to cover to get familiar with your car.



Hi Paul, i would like to know where all are located and upgrade.


Here is an 89. Maybe it can help

(Attachment 89 XJS Electrical.pdf is missing)

Do you have the Owners Manual for your car and a copy of the late 1970s version of the Jaguar XJ-S Repair Operations Manual? If not, I recommend that you get them to help you with your project.
BTW, what are you doing to “upgrade” the original fuses. I haven’t had any real problems with the fuses in any of my Jaguars so I was wondering what you are considering doing and why.


I also have a XJ8 which has been my donar on a few things

Jaguar was notorious for changing stuff on the fly. I searched for a diode for years and could not find it.
Attached is a pic of fuse locations or a 95 XJS that might prove helpful.
In addition have a look at the following website.




Hope this helps

Let me try that upload again (smile)


I would also recommend checking jagrepair.com for XJS electrical documents downloads. For free…but Gus does appreciate contributions to help keep running his site