1978 XJ6 ser.2 hood latch cables, both in good condition

Looking to replace both hood release cables,

What happened to the old thread Walter?

The tiny wires came out around the clamp where the screw tighened against the wire.
Bad idea from the factory.


Found a bike shop in town that would have the cables I need.
Will look him up, soon.

Was wondering who was the idiot who designed the hood latch
mechanism for those models. Its a wonder it worked for so many years.
I see that the latch pin on the hood is way out of line with the mechanism
attached to the hood pin. About an inch or more.
You cannot adjust the hood, that’s permanent.


You mean the angle, or what exactly? Ours do work. The angle is due to the hinges (maybe it was not changed from series one cars, that could be possible)

…wait, I can’t follow. Two parts on the hood are misaligned? How?

I think I remember putting a “set” in the latch pins on my car. This way in one thread depth I could swing a small circle at the business end of the pin and find a point of good alignment. FWIW. Paul.

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If the hood is verified aligned, Walter - you forcibly bend the pin to the ‘correct’ position…

It’s held by a captive nut in the hood and I’m not sure the assembly was spot on…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)