1982 XJ6: Vacuum hoses - What is this, where does it plug into?

PLEASE HELP ? What model is the car, what year what are you referring to

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Can’t tell what you are asking about but if it is the little nipple/connector with no hose on it… That is a drain for that intake manifold. I was told before to just cap it off with a rubber plug to prevent tiny vac leak


I can tell that he has an early - 82 - federal 4.2 and is not talking about the drain plug. That’s another topic. This one is about the red hose he is pointing at. This might go to the plug below his hand, for the AC. Next to the hose that leaves that blanking plate is another unused nipple. Best to go by the vacuum diagram posted in another topic. That one says something else.

There are two kinds of vacuum - ported, on the throttle. And the rest is manifold vacuum and feeds anything but the distributor and regulator thing.

I am currently replacing all my hoses what is this piece and what does it do ? It seems to have had a super dirty string so I used some carbon cleaner on it.

Air distribution block. Has a valve in it to stop backfires on overrun and a screw to adjust the idle speed. Also feeds the extra air valve via the hose to the right.

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Hello this seems to be a open plug for a vacuum hose under the Intake manifold does anyone know which one this is ?

Can you please put it all in a single topic? We’ll all help you just the same. This one is a drain and should be blanked off.

You mean that it should ‘not’ be blanked off, David - a drain should be open?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

I blanked it off ? Should I have not ?

I thought it might have been the smog pump port but I think the previous owner did a delete so I blanked it off *

Nothing to add regarding the hose but there should be a pen icon bottom right of your post, you can use this to edit your post rather than making a new one, also you can reply to numerous posters in the same post.

No, blanking off is correct on all accounts: search function gives plenty of material on this spigot on the lowest point of the manifold…

As far as I know there was a brake bleeder nipple cap on there initially. It was to be removed when needed…

An excerpt :slightly_smiling_face:
Blanking off is fine, you don’t want old oil to drain into your vacuum systems.

Right, and our SII had none, so the manifold had lots of oil + fuel in
it when we got the car. I just drilled and threaded a hole and put a
screw up into it.

No way you’re still here. Welcome (back)!

Yep, just rickey-ticking along. Had our Sprite pained (attached)…

Fixed it for you :rofl:

So do I leave it open or black it off ?

Hello it seems the vacuum like from the throttle body has a cut vacuum line doesn’t anyone know where this goes ?

What year car, some go to the air box to open up the flap as it warms up…