1983 XJ6 in California

(The Jag Man) #1

No affiliation but I came across this auction with no reserve in California:


Appears to be a donation site with many non reserve cars and they provide vin and license plate numbers to check back taxes if you are a California buyer.

Usually on the saloons list

(Paul Wigton) #2

Eek: $416 may be too much…:flushed::flushed::flushed:

(The Jag Man) #3

It does have a big V-8 under the hood.


(Paul Wigton) #4

Nota big V8 guy…:yum:

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #5

An interesting car, in my view. But, as it is in SOCAl, my temptation is lessened.

I do feel a kinship. An 83 with LT1, like my car.
The installation seems fair. But, could be more elegant. More kinsmanship!!

Not a big V8, only 5.7. But, the LT1 is the last and best version of the iron SBC’s. A very good match to the S3 chassis.

Some one cared for and spent some money on the carl. Steering wheel and road wheels !

Some one stole the “Leaper” !!! The PO as a reminder of better days???


  1. Rusty wind screen areas.
  2. Proper install of the “SJ40” wheels.
  3. Unpaid Ca DMV fees.
  4. Passes Smog ?:
  5. New tires needed.
  6. White is not my favorite color. A matter of taste, though. Not a deal breaker…

I do hope it finds a caring home and fixed and returned to the road.


(phillip keeter) #6

What good is a car with a “salvage” California title? This car can not be registered any where else, can it?

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #7

I think it can be registered in California. A review of the CVC, California vehicle code, prescribes the process. Mostly designed to assure that the car is safe.

Anyone want to bet it needs rear brake service???


(Thomas Cummings) #8

Wiggles - you crack me up!

One thing guaranteed, that Jaguar LT1 will be going to a new owner. I just hope that for their sake they have checked with their DMV on salvage titling restrictions (its such a mess in Texas that I would never want to even try titling a previously salvage titled car). I also hope they check with their insurance company, as many have restrictions against salvage title cars (unknown danger risk).

What the ad pictures do show is that if a car has lived near the beach and parked outside all the time - that you can forget all about that California rust free mystique!

My other concern would be that since the pictures clearly show that the engine is not connected to the air cleaner assembly, how long has it been run like that? The pictures show the inlet duct going all the way to the inner fender - but if it has another external air filter assembly - why leave the other air cleaner assembly in the engine compartment? My guess is the hose is just disconnected and shoved toward the driver’s inner fender.

(The Jag Man) #9

I used this company for a 420 I bought on Eba y with a Mechanics lien which was a salvage title. They will issue all of the appropriate bill of sale and title work for a reasonable price.



(Doug Dwyer) #10

Not that I’m an expert but it probably isn’t that simple. In fact it’s probably much more complex as each state has its own laws regarding salvage title cars.

I bought and out-of-state car with a salvage title and registered it in Washington (state) with no problem at all, for example. Other states…who knows?


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #11


I had to stare at that air cleaner. As my 83 is similarly powered.

A bit crude, but, not all that bad. Apparently, the wiper reservoir had to go to make room for the GM air box and paper filter. I think it may be connected, but the box at 90 degrees from it’;s position in the donor car.

Much cruder is the PS reservoir. Much larger than the one I used and that one is just hanging there!!! I went through a lot of effort to fab a bracket for the wing wall using original holes to mount mine.

But, check the battery position ! And worse yet the awful cable connections!!! I altered my cars battery hold down to enable the Optima. Much neater.

The rust on the window edges to me is a deal breaker.

But, I have to subdue an itch to fix the “bodges”.

The latest id exceeds this car’s value, in my opinion…

OTH, if the Corvette LT1 and it’s 4L60E is healthy, it alone is worth it and more.



(Thomas Cummings) #12


I hadn’t thought about someone buying this car as a swap package - you are right that at the current bid price that would be a decent parts deal: a good engine, transmission, and all the ancillaries that go into lumping. Heck, they can offset their purchase price by selling off the rest and scrapping what isn’t sold.

I like LT1’s, 260 to 300 stock horsepower and an easy 26mpg highway. They are so easy to upgrade, I warmed one over with a complimentary heads and cam package that laid down 368 rear wheel HP (which would be ~ 430 HP at the crankshaft.

I would say that none of this topic’s posters are buyers for this car, we are just curmudgeons picking away at the defenseless car. There is little doubt that the car was “donated” because the charitable deduction was much greater than the car’s market value.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #13

it would have been much cheaper than the way I did my LT1 swap! Started in 2001. A wide new world to me, at that time.

My car’s LT1 came as a recycle package. The donor was a Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Merely, the iron head 260 HP package. But a lot of torque early on in the RPM scale. Just right for my not so svelte S3. The Lt1 pulls the .70 Of and the Jaguar’s 2.88 rear ratio with aplomb.


(Thomas Cummings) #14

Depending on your tire size, that should place you right about 1,800 to 1,900 rpm at 75mph, nice!

The good thing about this LT1 XJ6 as a swap package is that there really isn’t any engineering to do, just unbolt and move. Maybe tidy up some odds and ends. It could be a weekend swap project for someone with a decent garage setup.