1984 XJS Injectors not firing

I believe Clive’s query is “should the Ecu case be earthed”

The case may, or may not be Gnd as a result of internal contacts, but the Ecu doesn’t need the case to be Gnd to function, as there are a number of Gnd pins connected to Gnd point G06.
check each of those pins is providing a good Gnd.

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Thank you Clive

Will do that thanks Clive

@ Aristides,

“I think you have to redo the injection harness”

The injection harness is disconnected, I test at the connector .

Disconnecting the harness allows me to free myself from the state of the harness and the injectors.


@ clive_williams

“there is no spark to plugs”

Firts you need to have spark to plugs
You can directly connect a HT cable to the coil output to a spark plug to test without the distributor