1985 XJ6 Vanden Plas

I am considering a purchase of a very well kept XJ6 VP with 58 K miles, unfortunately there is no service records on this car. While it appears to be in mint condition no rust etc, the consignee was asking $19K, now I got a message that he has lowered the price to $15K. I use the Hagerty value tool all the time and the average price for this car is approximately $13K. Any thoughts? Here is a picture of the car:

Anticipated tks on your thoughts

Well, it LOOKS beautiful. If the interior looks as good then your ahead of the game. Buying a Jag with outstanding cosmetics saves you a lot of money in the long run…as new paint, chrome, leather, and wood will cost many, many thousands of dollars.

Mechanical repairs are usually the least of your worries, money-wise…if you’re a decent DIYer.

All that being said it’s hard to accurately judge from just one picture…and your question isn’t very specific :slight_smile:


TKS for your reply. My biggest concern is two issues one the electrical system (Lucas the prince of darkness) and the inboard rear brakes. I am not sure that the brakes were changed to outboard by 1985. Nor if the electrical systems have been updated to other than Lucas. Otherwise you are right all 155 pictures show a great looking vehicle cosmetically speaking.
I had a 1967 Volvo 123 GT that the owner gave me plenty paperwork on the work performed etc, tks God never had any problems. Of course it was a Volvo so none were expected. I will have to think about this a bit longer before I do anything more firm. But tks again

The problems are hugely overblown. I’d say 80% of the much ballyhooed Lucas problems are simply dirty/loose/corroded connections and grounds. Fully DIY repairable; not the least bit nightmarish.

Still inboard in '85.

Replacing pads is easy enough. Discs and calipers, tho, are labor intensive. On the bright side a full brake overhaul will give service for many years.

Climate control problems can be very frustrating so a fully operational system is a real “plus”.

Deferred upkeep is the biggest problem with old Jags. It can take some time, effort, and money to fully sort things out. Worth it, in my opinion. These are wonderful cars. Built like tanks and drive like velvet. My '85 V12 is my daily driver.


If you’re not a DIYer the bills can be huge…if you find someone willing to work on one.


I have an '85 XJ6 and used it for years as my almost daily commuter to work till retirement a couple years ago. If the car is thoroughly and completely gone through mechanically, and used regularly, they can be reliable cars. That being said, they are still to be considered a labour of love, not a new Toyota Camry that you put all your money down initially and drive without worrying about ‘surprises’. A classic Jag will nickel and dime you at times, and if you are not a DIY’r, you will either learn to be one, or berate the car for being what it is, an almost 40 yo survivor.

Go for it! You only live once.

More photos would help…

After rust, cosmetics and interior are the most difficult, and expensive, to fix in this car.
Anything mechanical or electrical is more or less easily repairable, and if you do it yourself it will not cost much.
It will always need attention and you might need to replace bushings, fuel hoses etc, but that’s the nature of a +35 year old car.

15K is a very good price if the car is indeed in mint condition cosmetically and mechanically.

Looks like a dream car! May be the picture but if it is as good as the pictures I would say between 13-15 is great deal. Do a leakdown compression check just to be sure the heart isn’t missing a beat.