1986 jaguar- xj-6 4.2 lt

Good afternoon Gents:
Back again to the forum after a while. Just wondering some thoughts about a 1986 XJ-6 4.2 in great shape, 2 owners with service history, 65K original miles, garage kept, Debating the possibility to purchase or not…
Any thoughts as to what to look for, I am waiting for a report from owner about the latest service history, the car has a clean carfax. The price is with the Hagerty value index for its condition. No rust and original paint.
Thanks for any input you might consider important.

No rust is a real “plus”.

A climate control fully operational in all respects is another bonus, as repairs here can sometimes be problematic.

Proof of rear brake calipers and rotors being recently replaced is another bonus as this work is a bit of a chore. Same with suspension bushings, ball joints, etc.

Mechanical repairs are generally no big problem or expense…assuming DIY labor. 'Tis cosmetics – paint, leather, wood, chrome – that start running into serious money.

These are great hobby cars and, if well sorted, a real pleasure to own and drive.



Be real careful with the Hagerty price guide. Everyone with a fair car thinks theirs is good, and the good cars excellent. Excellent cars are often confused with concours. I just looked up the prices on Hagerty and they are very strong. I wouldn’t pay more than $3000 for a fair car and $6000 for a good one, which is basically the values in 2019. I don’t know a sane person paying $27000 for an excellent XJ6. That’s just bonkers, and $42900 for a concours are is the price of a car that doesn’t exist. Maybe one car, and one seller, ever.

…. Edit… I just checked, because Hagerty lists all the sales records used to make the price guide. The high price was justified by the same car, sold twice, on Bring a Trailer. This is a more typical XJ6 at a typical price: No Reserve: 1985 Jaguar XJ6 for sale on BaT Auctions - sold for $5,099 on May 6, 2021 (Lot #47,468) | Bring a Trailer

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Tks John6, the car I am considering is in excellent condition inside and out, it looks like it was pampered all its life by the 2 previous owners, the asking price is $24.5 but I am certain that it is negotiable unless he doesn’t want to sell. Before I buy a used car I have it inspected with a test drive included, then I make my offer if I feel it is the right vehicle. I Just purchase a 1995 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer and I am the 2nd owner, the truck is pristine and so far I am very happy. I am just sounding the waters and then maybe I buy. Tks for your input,

Tks for your input, definitely agree with your thoughts

On the other side of the BaT there have been a couple in the last year that have sold for $32k and $38k, and one at the end of 2020 for $41k. None of which, I think, meets Hagerty’s concours level. Low mileage (read very little maintenance in the past ten years). All have undercarriage corrosion and paint defects.

I think we would all lose our minds if the true “top pop” (to borrow a coin collecting term) ever came to market. Right venue and a few interested buyers and I bet we’d see at least double that top Hagerty value.

Just look at that ‘87 Saab 900 that sold for $145k.

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