1986 XJ6 for sale

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Description: 1986 XJ6

It is with mixed emotions that I have decided to sell my 1986 Jaguar XJ6… or at least put this feeler out to see if there is any interest in the Triangle region.
She is a beautiful car that gave me over 4 years of fun and some time wrenching on her. Below is a list of MANY of the good points about this car, a few things that need fixing and one item that is causing me to sell it.

The car was a one-family vehicle bought in Long Island by the grandfather, inherited and moved to Palm Beach by the son and I bought it in Raleigh from the grandson who inherited it.
The list of good things below is divided between what I did on the car and what the grandson had done.

Current mileage = 89,857

Asking price = I paid $7500 and am asking $10,000 based on my time, effort and parts invested over the years.

The following are the good things I did:

Lots of extra parts I pulled from other XJ6’s in local boneyards over the years
I also kept most of the old parts when I fixed things
Powder coated the valve covers
New valve cover gaskets
New valve cover 1/2 moons
New breather gasket and screen and boot
De-smogged and removed the air pump
New coolant hoses
New vacuum lines and fittings
New cruise control boot
New intake boot
Rebuilt steering rack, hoses and rebuilt power steering pump
New heater valve
New drive belts
New cap, rotor, plug wires, plugs, coil
New fuel system - filters, changeover valves, rubber hoses, pump
New front rotors, calipers, braided lines, pads
Rebuilt wiper motor
New tires
New battery 2019
Car has absolutely no rust and I have a bottle of touch up paint for chips
There is an amazing Jaguar forum for this model car with tons of documentation, troubleshooting guides, service manuals and lots of experts. I also would be available to help, as needed, since I have spent alot of time in that forum and working on her.

The previous owner inherited the car when it had about 81,000 miles
and I have receipts for about $28,000 worth of work he had done by
Flying Circus British in Durham, including:

Newly refurbished interior wood
New windshields
Repainted with new rubber seals throughout
New water pump
New thermostat
New radiator
New O2 sensor
Rebuilt cylinder head
Rebuilt fuel injectors and seals
New exhaust system
New master cylinder
New rear brake pads
Crane 700 electronic ignition installed

These are the issues I did not get to that need tending to:

AC not working - charge possibly or more
Rear driver gas tank has a vent issue where pressure builds up when the cap is closed. Vent tubing needs to be cleared out, most likely just blocked
Trip computer is dead
Rear window defrost does not work
Seat tears in the leather
Radio/cassette is not working
Minor transmission pan gasket leak - I have a new filter and gasket kit. Easy repair
Oil cooler line leak - Most likely needs new seals
No stakedown kit on exhaust side, but I have the kit
Small dent on driver front 1/4 panel
Low speed fan switch does not work

But… the big issue that I have not been able to tackle, nor can I get time at Flying Circus since they are so backed up:

A few months ago, I went out to start the car and it would crank and not start. It had been running like a champ for almost 4 years prior to that.

  • The ignition system appears to be OK since it runs briefly on starting fluid
  • The engine is solid with good compression
  • Fuel system is good and proper pressure

What appears to be the issue is that the L-Jetronic analog electronic fuel injection system is not working properly. The timing signal from the coil is at the computer and I have tested continuity of all wires between engine bay and computer module.

Also, the computer provides 12v to one side of the 6 fuel injectors and is SUPPOSED to ground the other side of the 6 injectors. This grounding causes the injectors to fire. But it appears this ground signal is not being generated by the computer since when I have an injector test light (aka NOID light) on the injector plugs, there is no flicker as I start the car.

If I apply 12v and manually ground the injectors, they click/fire as expected. Also, I have 4 of the Bosch fuel injection computer modules and none solve the issue. This module is very robust and very seldom the problem, and the odds that 4 are defective is very low

Asking price (if selling): $10,000

Location: Raleigh, NC

Contact information: worzellarw@yahoo.com

Cost of shipping (if selling): Buyer’sresponsibility

Willing to ship worldwide? No

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