1987 xj6 s3 2jz project

Bought a 87 xj6 vdp didn’t run got it for $600. Got it all running and driving but wanted something different. Pulled the original motor and threw a 2jz ge-t engine with a Supra auto trans in it. Still have to mock more stuff up and figure out what I wanna do for the rear end. Gonna keep all the interior and ac.


Hi Evan, as you can guess by the name, we love Jags here body and soul. There’s another list here called ‘Lumps’ for folks who like the look and feel of a Jaguar but prefer humbler, less distinctive engines.

Where do you live? Local people in the know might pay fair money for the five times Le Mans-winning hemi you pulled out.

My bad I actually thought I posted it in that group and located in Sarasota Florida

Jaguar went the same way in 87 the year of your car with their own 4-valve DOHC six, The AJ6/AJ16 engines all had an alloy block and they went for supercharging rather than turbo on the XJR models. A few folks have swapped to that later engine in their early car.

Yea that I did see just wanted something different

Oh, this process seems so familiar:grimacing:

Ahhah how does it seem so familiar

Begin here…:grimacing:


I believe this is the list called “lumps”, I’m glad to see someone post their transplant projects for a change.


It started in XJ and the whole thread was transplanted into the Lumps forum, appropriately enough…

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Who makes that very spiffy mount, and is it specifically for an XJ6?

Xcessive manufacturing and yes

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neat stuff!
wish i’d have seen the coil over set-up before i rebuilt my lump

Definitely a nice setup I’m debating if I wanna go with a Ford 9in with a 4link and put some real power down

what’s your goals for the car and planned use?
i’m at 400hp at the rear wheels on a stock rear with xjs center section, and it’s too much for the 225 tires. makes for a fun drive though
do you plan on removing fuel tanks, adding a fuel cell, and mini-tubs?