1988 XJS children’s cancer charity part out

Short version: Charity part out of things not needed for race car build of 1988 Jaguar XJS. You pay shipping, and make a donation of appropriate value for the part. Tag Emily’s Power for a Cure Racing just so we can keep track of donations.


Long Version:
As you may know, September is Childhood Cancer month. My niece survived neuroblastoma, a rare and typically fatal disease and since her diagnosis our family has been very active with Emily’s Power for a Cure, a parent sponsored charity that funds research and helps pay expenses for families fighting this cancer.
As part of our efforts we run a race car in the 24 Hours of Lemons, a low cost grassroots motorsport series.
Emily’s Power for a Cure Racing (that’s me) is currently Prepping a 1988 Jaguar XJS for the race series. As a fundraiser for the charity I’m offering any parts off the car that will not be needed. Basically anything that doesn’t make it go faster.
I’m a Jag neophyte so when you ask about parts keep that in mind. Message me and I’m happy to send pictures of anything your interested in. Keeping in mind I have a very pregnant wife and 2 year old at home so it might not be the quickest response. I’ll do my best to keep shipping as reasonable as possible. Larger things you are welcome to come pickup.
I also have lots of new parts for the inboard brakes that we won’t be needed or using including rebuilt calipers, rotors, and pads.

Asking price (if selling): TBD

Location: Chattanooga TN

Contact information: PM me

Cost of shipping (if selling): TBD

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes

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