1988 XJS H&E rear quarter window rubber

Hello all. I have seen photos of Hess & Eisenhardt cars with new outer wipes for the rear quarter windows. Anyone know a source that looks correct? What did you use?

I"m not sure if this is correct, but check this out. Jag Part number BDC4878 outer / BDC4879 Inner

Another solution that I use frequently is Steele Rubber Products. match the measurements and the configuration of the rubber and order what you need.
unfortuantely Steel Rubber doesn’t list Jaguar as an option, but I’ve found what I needed and it’s quality stuff - the price tag kinda indicates that. It aint cheep.

Thanks for the ideas Mark! Although I have not used Steele in the past (I use DK Hardware) but they seem to have the same products. I was looking at https://www.dkhardware.com/belt-molding-for-gm-b-body-style-vehicles-mr260x96-product-4629.html#description as a solution, but just reaching out to those that have done this in the past. Since most of the hardware Hess used was sourced in the U.S., I think this is probably right since it came from a late 70’s-early 80’s GM and they did conversions for GM at the time.