1988 XJS H&E rear quarter window rubber

Hello all. I have seen photos of Hess & Eisenhardt cars with new outer wipes for the rear quarter windows. Anyone know a source that looks correct? What did you use?

I"m not sure if this is correct, but check this out. Jag Part number BDC4878 outer / BDC4879 Inner

Another solution that I use frequently is Steele Rubber Products. match the measurements and the configuration of the rubber and order what you need.
unfortuantely Steel Rubber doesn’t list Jaguar as an option, but I’ve found what I needed and it’s quality stuff - the price tag kinda indicates that. It aint cheep.

Thanks for the ideas Mark! Although I have not used Steele in the past (I use DK Hardware) but they seem to have the same products. I was looking at https://www.dkhardware.com/belt-molding-for-gm-b-body-style-vehicles-mr260x96-product-4629.html#description as a solution, but just reaching out to those that have done this in the past. Since most of the hardware Hess used was sourced in the U.S., I think this is probably right since it came from a late 70’s-early 80’s GM and they did conversions for GM at the time.

Hi Eric,

Any updates here?

I want to change mine right now and as far I can see the channel inside the steel trim it is identical to the ones on the front door.

Are they actually different?


Thanks for reminding me about this.
I removed the metal trim the molding fits in and purchased this: https://www.dkhardware.com/belt-molding-for-gm-b-body-style-vehicles-mr260x96-product-4629.html
Only needed two feet, but is sold in 8ft lengths. I guess I can do my future Hess XJS’s with the remainder lol. Anyway I cut it to fit. Although I have never seen another H&E in person, much less with intact molding, I relied on photos I found on the web. The front part is cut at an angle to work with the seal mounted on the front edge of the quarter glass. I used 3M contact cement to attach the molding to the trim piece and once dried I drilled the three holes in each piece and used new stainless steel screws to re-attach. The quarter window assembly needs to be removed prior to removing the trim strip as that is the only way you can access the three screws that hold it in place. My car is an Arizona car with no rust and still these screws were a pain in the a$$. Soft material. Don’t feel bad if you have to drill them out. From what I can tell, it seems the position of the screws were approx at best so you can always do new holes. The SS screws had no issue tapping into the new holes. As a second note, the screws should not be any longer than the ones used. Reason is that the quarter panel curve gets quite close up in the area of the screws.
This molding looks perfect in appearance and the x-section is exactly what I removed.
Now, to answer your question… They are very different from the door wipes. The door wipes are not long enough… that was an option I would have looked into more if this molding didn’t work. I am convinced this is what HESS used as it was for American vehicles (Chevy) of the same timeframe as the GM vehicles they were modifying.
Hope that helps!

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the answer. I already removed the left part and indeed the screws are as you said difficult to remove. It took me 3 days and a lot of penetrating oil but are finally off all 3 with no drilling and will also go on the stainless steel solution. Thanks for the length tip.

Now for the molding. Can you do some close photos how it actually is on your car now? On mine we"re not existent any more (just the part attached to the steel trim).



PS Looked on the site and the molding price is reasonable at that length just that the shipping to me in Romania is outrageous. Order Summary

Subtotal: $36.74
Shipping: $46.30

Order Total:

PSS: Would you consider selling half of yours or you consider buying a second Hess!!!

Hi Dorin,
well, not bad shipping considering the piece comes in a 8 foot long tube! send me your address, I will try to find a decent tube long enough to send you 4 lengths (you know you will cut to short at least one!) and we can figure out shipping. tube will be probably around 14 inches long.
Here are some photos of what I have done so far. you can see I really have a wide angle - not a 90 degree on the front part. on nicely restored Hess cars I have noticed that the door wipe is the same angle so they complement each other - but I still need to adjust both door windows along with the quarter windows so they meet correctly as well as work with the top.
Hope this helps!


PS - see page 318 of the Hess manual. while you have that area open, clean out the bottom and be sure your drain holes are open and functional. If they are not there, put them in ohterwise that area below the window becomes a muddy bucket of water.

Any questions let me know.

Thank you, Really appreciate.

My address is:
Dorin Sacara
Actorului 9 Street
Cluj-Napoca 400441

For payment I guess you have Paypal (easiest unless you prefer wire transfer).

Do you think the molding will be ruined if we put in a letter dimension like envelope? Seen that the max length required could be 1 feet (but seems less to me when measuring the metal trim).

Holes - Yes, I had that doubt as the car had all that area rebuilt from below. The draining holes are no longer there.Will make them and check the lower holes as well.

What I have doubts is also what I have under the second fuel tank. When I tried to clean the 2 tubes coming under the car a lot of ugly stuff was coming out. Much looking like rust!

For the rest today I had the rear cage back in the car so I"m pretty happy… Looks almost like new, new discs, new break pads, new diff seals, new diff bearings, new seals and bearings for rear hub and outer fulcrum, new paint on cage, on halfshafts - great!

BTW is your top removed from the car? I have a new top but I"m a little afraid to install!


No, my top is still there, but it is on my list to replace. Getting kinda thin.

Hi Eric.

Do you think will be possible to send?. Next week I will finish the motor after receiving the repair kit.

Quarter panel compartment left side is ready, cleaned. I just need to drill the 3 holes.

if you can Ok, else I will put the standard wheatherstrip there.

Cheers and thanks for looking,