1989 CPS (crankshaft position sensor)

I’ve often thought about replacing the original CPS in my '89 XJ40 but never got around to it. But after reading Mike Stone’s post (My '94 Died At a Stoplight and Wouldn’t Restart) I decided to order one.

Much to my surprise it seems that new sensors for the 88-89’s are around 3 times as expensive as other years, over $300. Anyone know why ? Are there less pricey alternatives ?

Dennis, I found this on ebay. There’s one 4* review because apparently the plug was different. You need to find out if this sensor is a 3 wire one. The CPS for the X300 cars are cheap but they’re 2 wire sensors.

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The expensive price is the reason I haven’t replaced mine. Since mine barely gets driven anymore, it doesn’t make sense for me to buy one as a spare.

I agree with Joe that its worth checking ebay. There’s so much competition on that site that you get can some great deals on parts.

WOW thanks Joe …

$23 vs $320 is a BIG difference ! I’ve sent the seller a text to find out how many wires it has.

I searched online and can’t understand why the CPS sensors for an '89 XJ40 could be so-o much more expensive than for all the other years and different makes of cars. They look exactly the same and do exactly the same job.

Of course I always expect any part with Jaguar in it’s name to be more expensive but this is ridiculous.


I wondered if this would fit as well.

This is the same but made by Prenco.

FAE and the OEM Bougicord also make the same sensor for Volvo for higher price.

The holstein one is a 3-wire - you’re in luck, just switch the plugs …here’s an even cheaper one on Amazon, check out plug photo

… and only 16 bucks and change on rockauto …


Folks, I don’t know about the '89 models (3.6 engine) but this would be ‘wrong-handed’ for a '94 model (4.0 engine) as the mounting bolt for the sensor on my '94 is on the radiator side of the sensor when installed - this one has it on the engine block side.

Big loop coming up then Mike! :woozy_face:

good spot!

Yeah, this right angle design would not work, there’s a chance the wires would press against the bracket too hard or even prevent the fitment of the sensor.

Well as you may know from one of my very recent posts I have had reason to become intimately familiar with my CPS! :sweat_smile:

As you all may recall from a different post my CPS recently died. I ordered a Jag-spec replacement that is working but I was curious as to whether this Volvo-spec unit might also work. The short answer is ‘no’ - or at best ‘maybe’. It looked as though the sensor might fit the bracket but the connector is clearly different. I purchased the sensor and sourced a compatible connector with pigtail from RockAuto to which I spliced the connector I removed from my recently-expired Jag CPS. By the way, as can be seen from wiring diagram for the CPS circuit, the black wire in the Jag CPS connector is connected to the braided copper shield inside the cable:

I checked the resistance of the new Jag-spec CPS and it is about 1.475k ohms. The Volvo-spec CPS measures about 1k. I don’t know how this impacts the function of the CPS, that is, the AC voltage output by the CPS. I have a few resistors in my spare parts stash, including a 1k ohm one, but nothing in the range of 450 - 500 ohms. I decided to try the CPS anyway. The unit did bolt right into the bracket so I connected the wiring and cranked the engine. The tachometer stayed on zero, not the ~200 RPM a working CPS ought to yield, and the engine refused to fire. I then wired in the 1k ohm resistor but the result was the same. So at this point the short answer is ‘no’, the Volvo-spec CPS won’t work as-is. Will it work with a 450-500 ohm resistor in the circuit? My answer has to be ‘maybe’. But I am wondering if there are other differences that will prevent this CPS from working. Any CPS experts out there that care to weigh in?

Mike, thank you for the effort and trying the Volvo CPS. The prices have gone up significantly since I bought mine years ago. I think I payed between $70-$80. If we found a cheaper working alternative, that would be a big help to maintain these cars for cheap.

The Jag-spec (aftermarket) CPS I bought came from Engel Imports / Terrys Jaguar and it was $55 + 11.95 shipping.