1989 Jaguar XJS Trunk Drains

I’m looking to replace the rubber drains in the trunk of the car. Anyone know where I can get them. Not sure what they are called exactly.

Hi Brian,
Last summer I made some changes to try to improve the airflow through my car without running the fans. The only rear vents in a Cabriolet are in the trunk floor, and don’t do much for airflow. After buying all the rubber drains I could find, I wound up making a false floor in the trunk, and installed marine “clamshell” vents beneath the false floor. The clamshell vents suck the air entering the car in front of the windshield straight through, and have improved things immensely.
I still have all the rubber drains, and I will never need them now. If you are not too far away from W.Pa., I will mail them to you.
Let me know.

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That would be amazing if you could. I am located by DC.



Found one of these rubber drain plugs that remained on my '89 convertible - would like to get some more to fill the other holes but have not been able to find replacements. They look to work in a similar way to the solution you came up with DavetheLimey. Can anyone identify the part number?

I searched my “Box of Useful Bits” and came up with these drains. Four used drains from my '88 Cabriolet, and five new drains that I bought from Moss Motors.
I found a part number somewhere, and ordered what looked like the OE drains in my car. When they arrived they were quite different from what I expected.
The OE drains fit a 7/8 hole. The new drains need a one and a quarter hole to work. Unless you get creative with an Exacto knife and trim off some rubber- then a drain could be installed from above using black silicone without enlarging the hole.
As Brian was first on the scene I think he should get first choice . OE or new but different. Then Craig could decide whether he wants the remaining drains. Then I go to the Post Office.
Once Brian replies we go from there.

Would appreciate getting the OE ones

Ganzler, Brian P

OK. PM headed your way.

Craig, Brian G has decided to take the OE drains like the ones in your photo. If you would like the new drains in the plastic bag in MY photo you’re welcome to them. It wouldn’t take much to get them to work.
Let me know in a PM with mailing address if interested.


Appreciate the offer. I’ll PM you my address.



Very good. I’ll package them up and go back to Post Office.