1989 xj 40 seat belt upgrade

I am thinking of eliminating the attack belts and going with a traditional 3 point set up. not concerned with trim just what will work.

Hi David. I have a 92 with the same belt system and was thinking of doing the same thing as you a while back. I read the suggestion in a few places to use the 3 point belts from a xj40 model year that doesn’t have the passive system. Apparently the mounting places are already in our cars behind the trim, though I’ve not taken a look myself. One drawback to this approach is the trim would have to be modified or changed out to accommodate. Finding those belts could be a challenge as well.

I chose to put off the job and went with using the “emergency” tongue for the shoulder belt and disconnected the passive system.


David …

I changed the “passive” system on my '89 to a standard 3 point system years ago.

Although I loved the original “attack” belt system because of it’s uniqueness, in the end I just couldn’t keep it running. I rebuilt the system twice because of broken cables but in the end the track simply wore out. I replaced the whole thing with a standard system from a donor car. Mechanically it was just a bolt in operation with the mounting nuts already there.

I used the upper and lower pillar trim panels from the donor car which were in excellent shape but made my own long trim piece that runs along the roof line because I wasn’t satisfied with the donor’s piece.
I also cut the seat belt receiver “stalk” and welded in an extension so the receiver buckle sits up higher and is easier to get to … way-y more convenient.

The big advantage to the standard system to me is safety. I was too lazy and the lap buckle was too low so I often didn’t use the lap belt. The passive system lulled me into a sense of security with just the chest belt.

I posted a ton of pictures about my swap on the forum.

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David, I’m parting out an '89 Canadain car that has the regular seat belts.
The interior is Barley, so the belts and trim are tan.
The belts and hardware would ship easily, but the overhead trim is 4 feet long.
Let me know if you are interested,

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Thanks for the offer but my local junk yard has a few on-site that I am going to check. I already pulled alot of parts including the seat belt brain. Only worked once.