1989 XJ40 rear brake pads

(Grooveman) #1

HMMM … I’m getting ready to replace my rear brake pads and noticed that they’re 2 different types according to classic Jaguar parts …




With ABS

So I’m assuming since I have ABS that the bottom pads are correct. I know, I know, I could just pull off the wheel and take a look but I’d like to order a pair today and don’t feel like getting dirty.

Also while I’m installing my new rotors I thought I’d replace the E-Brake shoes, a job I’ve never done on this car. Any gotchas about that?

(Robin O'Connor) #2

From memory, and this is a long time ago now I would start to spray the handbrake connector as on mine it was totally seized, just in case you need to work on it. Like most things just take note how things come apart and replacement is ‘just’ the reversal (note the scepticism)

(Grooveman) #3

OK … well I decided to go ahead and remove the wheel and take a look. The rear pads are the first type (Non ABS) in my post. Which is very strange because my '89 certainly has ABS ! They also have the “D” shaped electrical connectors as opposed to the “round” type.

(motorcarman) #4

There was a VIN split in 1988/89 from the ROUND connector to the later style.
I don’t remember when but they ALL have ABS here in the US.
The 1988/89 have Bosch and the later cars TEVES.

Just replace with the same pad wear sensor plug or cut/splice the wires.
Or do like many people when the stupid display constantly warns of PAO (or PAD, but it sure looks like PAO to me) and short the plugs at all the wheels.

Just pay attention to the pad wear because you have disabled the sensors.


(Grooveman) #5

Thanks guys …

I’ve ordered the correct pads and I already have the rotors. So that should be straight forward.

Strangely enough after owning the car for 27 years I’ve never replaced the E-brake shoes. So I’ve also ordered a pair and the associated hardware and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in there !

(John Quilter) #6

Unless the car has been driven with the E brake on for a period I would be surprised these would be worn. They are intended to just lock up the drum/disc unit when the car is stationary.

(Grooveman) #7

John …

Well I have been guilty of driving for a little bit with the E-brake on now and then. But the brake still seems to hold fine. Maybe not necessary but since I’m replacing the rear rotors anyway I decided to just go ahead and redo the E-brakes.

Hmm… could be preventive maintenance, could be anal retention :sunglasses: