1989 XJ6 No a/c-heater controls, blower motors, fan position light (if one)?

Hello, New to forum I have a 1989 xj6 Vanden Plas and tried this question in the xj forum and was told to come over to this one and try.
Any help appreciated?

Here is the TSB we got from Jaguar.

I repaired MANY ‘back-in-the-day’. I still have a few screws and nuts somewhere in my toolbox. I bought a box of #2-56 screws and nuts. A microswitch can be obtained from any electronics supply company.

82-38 Climate Control – Panel Assembly.pdf (114.2 KB)

WOW Thanks for the breakdown and TSB.
I see this is for the fan switch but does it control all the power to the panel? I have checked fuses to the best of my knowledge and all seem ok but none of the other buttons for switching modes seem to light up or vent changing work either?

THE ENTIRE panel is controlled by the switch in the TSB. The panel will remain INOP if the switch is faulty.


Thanks so much for the help. It probably is this but just as a final check shouldn’t there be 12 volts or something going to one of the terminals I can check before I tear it all apart? I looked at mine today and looks like it may have been changed at one time because it has some long machine screws with tiny nuts holding as you suggested. I don’t see any plastic ones. I know it’s 30 yrs old and still probably bad but?
Also where would you suggest I find one? I live about 1 hr north of DFW, TX.

Also since you are doing so good at this did you happened to see my question about the anti-lock brake lite coming on in the VDO in dash I was going to start with the relay I have heard might be in the trunk but not sure where? I looked on the right side rear wheel by the antenna but none said anti-lock brake?
Thanks again

sorry VCM info saying anti-lock brake issue

The ABS relay is under the fuel filler lid area in the boot.
The microswitch might have been replaced already.

I repair about 90% of the ABS relays by reflowing the solder on the circuit board. The tiny low amp fuse might be ‘blown’ so check that.

The ABS relay is simply an OVERVOLT relay to protect the ABS module. It is a ‘crowbar’ circuit to blow the fuse if the voltage climbs over a set limit.

I probably have one (or maybe more) of the climate control panels with a new switch already installed that I use for testing.

I also keep a few repaired ABS relays for a quick replacement to check the circuit.

You might want to collect spares that are known faults for backup in case of failure.

The electrical guide will have info on what pin(s) provide power/earth to the climate control module. I would look it over before ‘throwing-parts’ at a problem.

I live in Wise County TX (NW of DFW) but you can buy screws and switches online and have them delivered. Back-in-the-day we had to order things from catalogues and wait a few weeks for parts.


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Blockquote peterroquepeterroque@yahoo.com

Jun '03

In reply to a message from Bryan N sent Tue 10 Jun 2003:

I’ve been replacing this microswitch on my 90’ Sovereign once every
two or three years it could last longer if a really good one (gold
or silver points) was available locally. Just buy it in Radio Shack
(part # 2750016 SMINI SPDT LEVER)$ 1.89), it is identical but it
comes with a lever over the clicking tiny button, just break it
off. Most electronic equipment stores carries this identical
replacement mswitch, the switches line brand name I get is GC and
the part # GCE-35-834 for about $ 5.88, this one seems to be better
quality than the RS.
To pull the old mswith FIRST you will have to unsolder from the
three poles (draw schetch of wire colors per pole)then unscrew the
the two pot screws for clearance, carefully destroy the two rivets
that hold the microswitch against the phenolic board (I used a
Dremel)then install new mswitch using two screw and nut set,
assembly pot making sure the pot-cam works properly on the mswich
button before closing A/C control panel husing.
Solder carefully to the three poles( I put a piece of card stock
under mswitch to prevent hot solder from melting wires, plastic,
etc.)and flaten wiring in order to fit inside A/C control panel
Now reconnect the harness and test before reassembly the console.

Hope I didn’t miss anything.–
Peter Roque
Miami, FL, United States
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Thanks Bob & Peter for the help.
I just checked it when I got home from work midnight 30. You were both spot on. I jumped across the 2 poles and the fan and a/c clutch was kicking on.
Now just need to get one ordered.
Bob we must not be far apart, I live 3 miles south of Valley View TX east off I35 20 mins north of Denton.

I live about 12 miles South of Decatur. I have a Decatur Postal Address.

Howdy Neighbor.

Sorry Larry,
Was late when I read your post I see now you got that from Peter. Nevertheless.
So thanks Bob and Larry for your persistent help!
Bob I told my wife before you sent your last post that you were probably around Decatur somewhere.
Thanks again guys!

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Well I went to Lowes, Home Depot and Hobby Lobby only to find the smallest screws they had was #4’s.
I did not make it to my local hdwr store but will tomorrow. Did you guys get yours locally in your area somewhere?
I even thought of using rivets but the smallest I had at home is 1/8"

Don’t you have a Radio Shack around? They might have them, check online maybe

Bryon …

It would really help out if you put your country and city in your profile.

Do you have an Ace hardware around ? I find them to be my go to place for fasteners.

There is no more radio shack, at least in southwest Fl.

Yeah, I forgot, they re-named it “the Source” up here in Canada too :slightly_smiling_face:

AMAZON has them in boxes of 100 as well as nuts.

Each box is about $8 US


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Hey guys thanks again.
I ended up finding some at a large Ace Hdwr in Ft Worth, TX.
I got it all in and working good except for now some of the little lights that tell mode and a couple others aren’t working. I can hear something change when I hit them mode button but not sure what it’s doing.
I also got it up to operating temperature to see if any difference but none. My temperature control seems to be working but when I turn the fan switch to defrost it turns off. I guess I can check all the fuses again to see if I blew something putting it back together.
Also Bob my email address is:
bryonandheidi1986@yahoo.com if you wouldn’t mind getting in touch with me for some other info?
Thanks Bryon

For various types of very small bolts, nuts and screws try you local hobby shop.

Been on vacation for a few days. I will send emails to you.

You should probably just send me a private message and not post personal emails on the general forum?


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