1989 XJS glove box latch

Hello all,
Can someone post a pic of proper latch set up for the glove box ?
I took apart glove box a year ago and now can’t get the glove box to stay closed.

Maybe these pictures of the glove box in our 1990 XJ-S convertible will help. I removed the black headliner material on the inside of the glovebox that was falling apart and replaced it with some Doeskin headliner material left over after I replaced the headliner in my Series III V12 Vanden Plas. Otherwise it is as original.



Thanks Paul!!! BTW, nice touch with redoing the glovebox with headliner material.

Thanks. The foam backing on the original glovebox inner surface in our 1990 XJ-S convertible had disintegrated and the black headliner material was loose and unsightly. So I removed the glovebox from the car, removed the old black headliner material, and used the same Doeskin headliner material and spray on adhesive that I used when I removed and replaced the headliner in my 1990 Series III V12 Vanden Plas. Both projects came out looking very nice. The XJ-S glovebox is much brighter now and easier to find things in.


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