1989 xjs instrument wiring schematic

What pin does what at the plug-
ins behind the instrument cluster ???

Some time ago Richard Dowling created a schematic of the Pre-HE instrument cluster wiring diagram. With his permission I have it on my website at the following link:

Hopefully its of some help.

Hello Garry - here is my own hand written designation, of what I found on my 1991 XJS V12 Coupe instrument panel, as to the circuit paths from the connectors to the instruments and the warning lights - from what I have read, the 1989 XJS V12 should have the similar connections as my 1991 XJS V12 - you will note that there are some differences to the earliar models - hope this helps you - (this drawing is been posted here on Jag-Lovers for the use by anyone that wants to use it)

- Tex Terry, II - 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - sent 10/15/2020 2225hrs. EDT USA.

Attached is a chart I created a number of years ago when I fitted a facelift instrument cluster to my wife’s '89 XJS. It fives the function of each plug pin for the '89 and the '94 instrument clusters.[XJS 89 to 94.

Cluster Crossover.pdf|attachment](upload://xWlx9fKhP0AJl43ibrvpTd8RzQU.pdf) (8.8 KB)

ooops - let me give that upload another shot.

XJS 89 to 94 Cluster Crossover.pdf (8.8 KB)

OK Lockheed… Here is is where I’m at … Just got thru refurbishing the new cluster panel… Getting ready for pin swap… Looking at your crossover chart I see you have a “B” 13and14… I only have 12 at my B connection… And have the 18 for the A connection… What’s going on ??? Victor


I am working through converting my 90XJS 5.3 to a 6.0 + 4l80e from a 94 XJ12. I purchased a 94 XJS 6.0 (6,000rpm tach) as I prefer the styling of the facelift gauges, plus my original cluster is in really poor shape due to corrosion. I have figured out how to match my new 94 XJS cluster odometer mileage to match the existing old one and now I am wrapping up the wiring. Your reference sheet saved me a ton of headache in the conversion as 99% of it was identical for my 1990 XJS. Only issue I am currently facing is the turn signals aren’t showing up on the facelift cluster, they work on the original cluster and they work on the outside of the vehicle. When I compare the 90 vs the 94 XJS electrical schematics, the 89& 90 has diodes just prior to the cluster and also has a lead (pin A4, Light Green Brown wire) that goes to the flasher pin 31. Based on my limited understanding of diodes, it appears if i remove the diodes they should work? Did you remove the diodes from your wire harness?


, DO NOT DISCONNECT THE DIODES! Others have fallen into the trap of matching the wire colors as well. You must use a straight edge and go straight across the page and ignore the wire colors - the pin functions (priority) must match regardless of the color of the wires - Jaguar is known to be inconsistent in maintaining the wire colors with regard to function. When they run out of a particular color, they will use whatever color they have handy.

In the case of your turn signals, lets start with the left hand turn signal:
The wire for the left turn signal goes to plug A, position 5 (A5) of the '90 instrument panel.
That same wire must now be connected to plug A position 3 (A3) of the '94 instrument panel.
Don’t be confused by the colors not matching, they are there to help follow the wire you are working with, but the wire colors are not consistent panel to panel.

Likewise, for the right side turn signal:
The wire for the right turn signal goes to plug B position 6 (B6) of the '90 instrument pane.
That same wire must now be connected (spliced) to plug B position10 (B10) of the '94 instrument panel. Again, the wire colors don’t match, it is the plug and position (function) that matter.

The chart is laid out such that you only need to use a straight edge and go across the page and find the corresponding plug / position for the same function on the '94 instrument panel. The dialog on the right describes that function.

I have attached a cross over chart for you to work with - I’m not sure which chart you are working with - I made several dependent upon the years of the car. I would suggest you check all your connections to be sure they are correct. When the turn signal connections are correct your panel turn indicators will work correctly.

I am considering changing the format of my charts for a bit more clarity, and a warning about trying to match wire colors vs plugs, position, and function.

XJS 90-91 to 94 Cluster Crossover.pdf (8.7 KB)



I have attached the revised format of the cross-over chart. Just go from the plug on the left ('90), straight across the page to the plug on the right ('94). I hope that makes it more clear.

XJS 90-91 to 94 Cluster Crossover.pdf (116.9 KB)

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Followed Lochheed’s direction line for line… Pulled out cluster pack and have no power to pins for L/R indicator lights… Hazards work fine and when I do hit L/R indicator on the column I hear breaker open and close… Any help out there???

Did you mean to say “relay” rather than Breaker? I don’t know that the XJS has any circuit “breaker”.

Did you ever resolve the problem you had in February that you didn’t have the correct Plugs for the Facelift panel? Apparently, the proper plug pigtails did not come with the panel when you bought it.
I suspect that something happened when you might have hooked up the turn signal leads by matching wire colors rather than by plug and position function. I will take a look at the '89 turn signal schematic to investigate what might have happened.

The relay… You can hear it, outside signals work fine but I have no power now to either L)R indicator lights … Odometer quit as well but I believe that Is a separate issue…


I think you were talking about hearing the flasher unit clicking which it would have to do if the exterior turn signals are working. I remember a few weeks ago, you said you were going to try removing the two diodes for the left and right panel turn signal indicators - I hope you didn’t do that, as it would totally disable the panel turn signal indicators.

'89 XJS Turn Signals.pdf (200.0 KB)


Sorry about that - It was Scott Barnes who said that.

I hit the hazard switch and trans. fail lights up as per your choice… That’s working as it should… When I remove the cluster pack I use a test light to test each pin… Each time I use the turn indicator switch, I can hear the flasher unit… Outside lights are working fine but when I test the pins I get nothing… All was working fine before… All I did was use my little tool to move each wire to the new location… Still scratching my head… Victor


I am not sure what pin
locations you are testing - on the panel side or the plug side?

I verified my crossover charts again this AM, and all check valid. A is the large plug, and B is the small plug for both the old and new panels.

I have attached the source documents for both panels. Please read the notes in the box for the pre HE / HE source document.

FaceLift Panel.pdf (475.0 KB)
Pre HE Panel.pdf (614.3 KB)

The connection at the plug… G/W and R/B for the turn signals… Hook test light up to ground, hit the turn switch and as I touch test light up to copper connection, I should get a flashing signal… I can hear the flasher opening and closing … Put my finger on it and I can feel it working… Outside bulbs work fine… Hazard works fine and I connected it to Trans fail… This too works as per your instructions…All fuses are intact… Signals worked with old cluster but not the new… Still scratching my head… Am I missing something that ties together or is connected that shouldn’t be???

Since this thread is hear, here’s an illus I made as an enhancement to other’s pre-existing illustrations:

For pre-facelift:

~Paul K


Is there by any remote chance, is there a difference between the ‘92 and the 94’ instrument cluster wiring… Just asking… G

Thank you for posting the '89 instrument cluster images. I had seen those images online, but could never manage to get a usable image (that I could read ) downloaded that I could work with. I have not had the time to peruse it closely, but you have done a marvelous job!

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