1990 V12 finally running and in need of some things

Hey guys!
After 20 years this Jaguar is running for the first time and I couldn’t be happier. Now I’m just chasing a few things down.
I’m looking for the vacuum port with two nipples under the drivers side intake manifold. There are two hoses on it. One runs to the little purge valve in front of the intake trumpet. Mine is broken at the base of this little port. If anyone knows where to find one or has one they could sell let me know!

The port in question is highlighted here.

Let me know what day and time you will be available and I’ll see what I can help with

Thanks Paul! It would have to be anytime during Saturday or Sunday or anytime after 4 during the week.

Any of those are fine. Pick one.

How about Tuesday at 4:30? I’ll supply the Miller. High life? Or Lite?

That’s good. It’s High Life.

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